Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Radio Reading

Looking for a couple of radio books to add to your bookshelf ?

Arcadia Publishing, adds to their Images of America series with a new title, Ithaca Radio. Peter King Steinhaus, and his brother Rick Sommers Steinhaus have written a new book that tells the story of this popular station. Through photos and personal anecdotes covering stations, WHCU (AM), WTKO(AM), WVBR(AM/FM) and WICB (AM/FM. Additional stories about the people with connections to Ithaca radio, including Dave Ross, Pam Coulter, Stacey Cahn, Bill Diehl and others. Loads of terrific vintage studio photos and their gear. The softcover is $27.47 at Amazon 

Love nostalgic radio from the 1950's and 1960's ? McFarland and Company, know to many who follow their non-fiction and academic books, will welcome The Birth of Top 40 Radio. 
"Top 40" was the preeminent American radio format of the 1950s and 1960s. Although several radio station group owners offered their own versions of the format, the AM stations owned by Todd Storz and his father were acknowledged as the principal developers of Top 40 radio, and the prime movers in making it a nationwide ratings and revenue success. The Storz Stations in St. Louis, Omaha, New Orleans, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Miami are profiled in this book, as are various Storz air personalities and executives.
McFarland offers many books covering radio, and new ideas about radio and music, are always welcomed. Many of their books cover the golden age of radio, Cold War radio, Christian radio, payola and amateur radio. Find out more about this and many other titles at and search key words. The Birth of Top 40 Radio, is also available from Amazon, as a Kindle or paperback edition at

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