Monday, February 27, 2017

DX Stamp Service, March 2017 Specials

Dear Customer,

Below are specials for March 2017.

 If you need a current stamp list or supply list, I can email it to you.

NEWS:   Am hoping to acquire higher values to bring back 49c in 2 stamps. If that happens, I will make a special emailing to all.  NOTE!!!! Discount postage prices at 100 qty. have been adjusted upwards a bit...a nice way to say increased. STILL a great deal!!

IDEA:  Slightly damaged Deluxe QSL Album   now $30.00 -or- buy 2 for only $55.00!!!

Argentina now $63 for 20 gram letter
Peru now 9,70 s
Russia now 40 Rb, up from 35 Rb.
Costa Rica still $600. A few customers mentioned $665 rate...the extra $65 was a charity surcharge for a children's fund around Christmas time: "sobretasa para los Niños" A few countries do this from time to time: Serbia is one. Cyprus is constant with their Refugee stamp.

If you hear of or notice any new rates, let me know.

 IN STOCK AGAIN:  Algeria, Mexico, Peru.
 STAMPS ON BACK ORDER: Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Suriname
 Save Big on your domestic mailings when you plaster
 your envelope with colorful vintage stamps!
49c units
 in  2 stamps
 3 stamps
  4 stamps

x 100

x 200

x 500

Payment by Credit card, check or money order

               for forever stamps and 49c units                  

No Charge for posting Discount Postage Offers, sending only to USA addresses.

2 Germany-$2.60       2 Russia-$2.60       3 Japan-$3.90  
2 Italy-$7.00    2 UK-$3.00    2 France-$3.60    2 Spain-$4.00

200/200 European Plain Mailers and Plain Returns - $40.00
200/200 European Air Mailers and Plain Returns - $40.00
European AIR Returns are SOLD OUT!!
5 Packs of Extra QSL Album pages - $22.00

500 European Air Mailers - $42.00
1000 European AIR Mailers - $76.00
200/200 Stateside mailers and Returns - $23.00
500/500 Stateside Mailers and Returns - $43.00
Priority Mail Shipping Rates: Orders up to $40.00 add $9.00, orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $15.00. orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $20.00, orders over $150.00 add 15%. When ordering supplies and stamps, the stamps ride free, just use supply total to figure shipping costs. Shipments to Canada and overseas ship at a greater cost. (07/2015 modified)

Stamps Only Orders: Just add $1.00 P&H for posting to USA, add $2.00 for posting to Canada.

73, bill

William Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
908 788 1020