Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, new program on WBCQ

I am launching a second program, Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, a half hour music variety program, on March 2 on WBCQ, 7490 kHz.  It will be a combination of Americana, World Music, Comedy, Novelty,  and I will do my best to ensure that it will  be one of the most musically eclectic programs on any band along with a few laughs here and there.

Tilford Productions, which brings you From the Isle of Music, is launching a second program, Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, a half-hour musical variety program on WBCQ 7490 KHz perhaps best described as indescribable, or as host Bill Tilford states, "from the ridiculously sublime to the sublimely ridiculous with genres from A-Z".
The inaugural broadcast is Friday, March 3, 0000-0030 World Date/UTC
(Thursday, March 2, 7:00pm-7:30pm EST in North America)
Bill Tilford, Producer and Host
From the Isle of Music
Uncle Bill's Melting Pot