Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Antarctica special broadcast on January 21

LRA 36 QSL from Gayle Van Horn QSL Collection

Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior and dedicated to shortwave listeners, DXers and radio amateurs from all over the world. 

The broadcast will take place on SATURDAY JANUARY 21 at 1500 UTC with a repeat at 1900 UTC on the frequency of 15476 kHz (USB) in the 19-meter band and will count on the participation of Adrian Korol, Director of RAE, and Juan Benavente, member of the Antarctic Joint Command, together with Marcelo Ayala, journalist of Radio Nacional who conducts during January from LRA36 the morning "Panorama Informativo" for all the stations of the network of the Argentine Public Radio. 

The contents include live interviews, interesting material from the sound archive of LRA36 such as audios of its first transmission, different IDs, audios of listenings of DXers in different times, and material from LA ROSA DE TOKIO, the program of Omar Somma and Arnaldo Slaen, who is the DX Editor of RAE.

This year is very important for LRA36. During the month of February, the shortwave transmission and radiating system will be evaluated and measured in order to provide a NEW SHORTWAVE TRANSMITTER to the beloved Antarctic transmitter, and the 10 KW CCA transmitter will also be returned to the mainland for repair.

new antenna will also be installed for the FM signal on 96.7 MHz, which will broadcast with a power of 250 watts (currently it runs with 25).

As always we look forward to your comments and reception reports at
IG: lra36radionacional
FB: Arcangel San Gabriel - Antarctica

We appreciate the further diffusion of this information".

Signed by Adrian Korol, RAE, Argentina, via Facebook and Whatsapp group messages, translated and slightly edited from original writing in Spanish, by Horacio Nigro, Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan. 18, 2023).