Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Iran announces new domain address


Parstoday.com domain suspended

Tehran (ParsToday) - In an act against freedom of information release and under the pretense of sanctions, ParsToday's website at parstoday.com has been suspended. ParsToday is a website that offers news and cultural content in 25 languages.

For the past few days,  parstoday.com has been unavailable to its audience around the world.

The company that operates the .com domain has announced that it is no longer serving the ParsToday domain because the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation (IRIB) is under sanctions from the US Treasury Department, the European Union, and Canada.

The World Service of the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran then announced that the ParsToday website will be available immediately worldwide in all languages under the ".ir" domain at the address   https://parstoday.ir   (formerly - parstoday.com)

Since 2015, the news, culture, and radio channel ParsToday has been publishing news and various multimedia content for its audience and users around the world in 25 languages, including German.

In accordance with the American policy of diplomacy combined with pressure and sanctions, on November 16, 2022, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization and several journalists from that organization.

Following the implementation of the European Union's sanctions against the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the satellite operator of the Eutelsat satellite also announced on Thursday, December 22nd that it had stopped broadcasting all IRIB ParsToday broadcasts.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani tweeted: "The sanctioning of the Iranian Broadcasting Corporation and the English-language news channel PressTV is a continuation of the American government's flagrant violation of the rights of the Iranian people and aims to prevent the voice and opinion of Iran in the world and to leave the hands and voices of the terrorist networks and media open to wreak havoc against the Iranian people. US crimes against independent peoples and governments never end.”