Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Channel 292 announces broadcasts opportunity

Special thanks to Pop Shop Radio for sharing the following:

We are happy to offer to our customers another possibility for broadcasts with high power from the transmitter site in GB-Woofferton (United Kingdom). Here you can also book programs in digital DRM mode.

The following services and frequencies are possible:
Power: AM (A3E) with 125 kW or 250 kW
DRM with 85 kW

Frequencies: All radio bands from 6 - 21 MHz and 3955 kHz and, out of band: 5875kHz and 9915kHz.
Antennas: 3955 kHz fixed for Europe, 25 antennas are available for the other frequencies, the best one for the desired target area is selected.

Prices: 125kW AM: €130/hour
250kW AM: €190/hour
DRM with 85 kW: Simple program with Basic Text: 130 € / hour
Complex program with slide show or similar: 190 € / hour

Valid until the end of March 2023

Offers from other locations
Ascension Island (DRM and SW AM)
Dhabayya UAE (DRM and MW/ SW AM)
Kranji Singapore (DRM and SW AM)
are in preparation.
(Pop Shop Radio/03 Jan 2022)