Tuesday, January 17, 2023

US invests millions to expose regime to North Koreans


And what station can you speculate will bring the truth to North Koreans?  

Julian Ryall

Utilizing radio and "internet freedom tools," Washington intends to tell North Korean citizens the truth about Kim Jong Un's repressive regime and encourage them to "ask more questions."

The United States will invest $50 million (€46 million) over the next five years to surreptitiously bring information about the outside world into North Korea — hoping to improve the image of the US and South Korea for North Koreans.

US hopes North Koreans 'ask more questions

Washington is playing catch-up to Russia, which has been particularly effective at planting propaganda that furthers its own geopolitical aims, Pinkston said.

The US program will focus on additional radio programming in the North as well as the development of "internet freedom tools," which are designed to help users circumvent limitations placed on free access to the digital world by the North Korean government.

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(photo/VOA News)