Monday, January 10, 2011

BBG continues strategic review

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the Agency that oversees US government-financed international broadcasting, continues its strategic review with the first in a series of regional assessments. This month’s regional review will focus on Africa and will engage internal and external experts in discussions to be held in Washington, DC on 11-13 January.

“First, we need to get our own strategy right by understanding what we need to know, what we must learn, and where gaps in our knowledge exist,” said BBG Governor S Enders Wimbush, who co-chairs the Board’s Strategy and Budget Committee. “Second, we need to decide how the BBG can allocate resources most effectively to empower our customers by putting the right programming on the right targets with the right technologies.”

The Board will also participate in the launch of the Agency’s model government ethics program.

At its December meeting, the Board continued its exploration of social media initiatives and heard a number of reports, including from the Strategy and Budget Committee about further details on the BBG strategic review, from Governor Ashe about his recent trip to the Middle East, and a detailed analysis from the Chairman of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Coordinating Committee of the current distribution platforms for BBG programming.
(Source: Broadcasting Board of Governors/Radio Netherlands Media Network)