Monday, January 03, 2011

Extra Grimeton Radio transmission Tuesday Jan 4


There will be an extra transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on 17.2 kHz for, for primarily, listeners in North America, at:

00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) WeEurope. Tuesday, Jan 4th, 2011

* 01:00 CET (Central European Time) LT in Sweden. Tue, Jan 4th, 2011

QSL-reports are kindly received:
- E-mail to:
- or fax to: +46-340-674195
- or via: SM bureau
- or direct by mail to:
Alexander - Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner,
Radiostationen, Grimeton 72
S-430 16 ROLFSTORP, Sweden

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Lars Kalland SM6NM
(via Martin Elbe DD9MW - A-DX Dec 29)
(BCDX # 996/Top News via wb, Germany)