Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Radio Pakistan announces major projects

Radio Pakistan is going to digitize 2.5 million minutes of radio recordings which include the last speech of Liaquat Ali Khan, Congress leader Subhash Chandra Bose, Adolf Hitler besides many historical personalities and events.

“The Rs.130 million project would convert the recordings available on analogue to the computers and hence cyberspace from where the audio data could be streamed for listening or bought as well,” Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Murtaza Solangi informed at a press conference at Radio Pakistan Hyderabad.

Mr Solangi asserted that every attempt was being made to make Radio Pakistan a truly national organization through which the listeners were not only provided quality entertainment and news but also a platform which airs their complaints and grievances as well. He underlined that moving ahead from the past exercises of obtaining comments and recommendations of the listeners through postcards and letters, a live calls culture was introduced where a caller was not hindered from airing his views even if they were found critical of the government.

At press conference Mr Solangi announced the installation of 100 kW transmitters [presumably mediumwave] at radio stations in Hyderabad, Multan and Larkana after which the transmission would be heard at over 300 miles range in the daytime, while at night 600 miles area in proximity of the respective stations would be covered.

“After the installation, transmissions from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad would be heard by even the people of Gujarat state of India, and from the Larkana station the signal would reach the Indian border state of Rajhastan,” he added. He said that a 500 kW transmitter would be installed in Islamabad with the financial assistance of USAID and Japan.

The DG said the number of radio stations in the country had increased to 34 from the earlier 14 while every attempt was being made to introduce modern equipment.
(Source: thenews.com.pk/Radio Netherlands Media Network Weblog)