Friday, January 07, 2011

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency * sign-on / sign-off*

15345.00, RAE, 2205-2305. Spanish. Easy-listening music to news and many “RAE” IDs. Segment on “XERMX, Radio Mexico International, onda corta.” Signal fair to almost good. (Ron Howasrd, CA/Cumbre DX)

4750, Bangladesh Betar, 1403. Has been interesting to find they routinely have music of the bagpipes. Very distinctive! Still no sign of RRI.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

7390, Radio Belarus International (Minsk / Kalodzicy)(presumed), 2327-2336. Russian. Talk by man to pop music at 2334. Signal poor, noisy signal with fading. Nothing heard on listed parallel frequencies. (Jim Evans, TN)

6134.732, Radio Santa Cruz, 2310-2320. Weak signal here with a male's Spanish comments. Although the signal is weak, with a fair amount of tweeking, it can be cleaned up to be clearly heard. That didn't last long when the signal began to fade and around 2320 and music was presented.Still into music at 2336, but signal very poor.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

15190, Radio Inconfidencia (Belo Horizonte), 2255-2310. Portuguese. Man talking. Musical theme followed by ID at 2259. Time by second man at 2300, ID, and talk (presumed to be news). Jazz vocal by woman at 2307. Good signal with some slow fading. Weak parallel noted on 6010. (Jim Evans, TN)

6070, 2135, CFRX Tornoto. Local news and promos with ads between announcer's phone-in segments. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

6100, 2138, Radio Canada International. French service with male/female host in conversation and listeners' phone-in segments. Station ID and promo, plus frequency quote, postal and email addresses. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

6060, PBS-2 Sichuan, 1527 + 1555. For New Year’s, running well past their normal 1515*. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6205 Radio Free Sarawak 1214-1252. Presumed the one with talks in presumed Bahasa Malaysia on this date and others (when I'm up that early). Fair signal at best but noisy band keeps readability down.(John Wilkins-CO)

5910, Marfil Estereo (Puerto Lleras), 2354-2400. Spanish. Slow paced local pop music. Announcement by man at 2357. Moderate signal with some fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

4052.5, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0037. Spanish announcer's religious talk and mention of Guatemala and "La Familia" (Steve Wiseblood, TX)

9525, Voice of Indonesia (Cimanggis), 1337-1400. English. Local pop/ballad music with a female singer and Indonesian instruments. Announcements by a woman. Identification at 1355 followed by more Western sounding pop music. Identification at 1400, then switch to Indonesian with a male announcer. Good signal, the best in some time, with an occasional deep fade. (Jim Evans, TN)

5010, AIR Thiruvananthapuram, 1510-1520. Another day with coverage of the India vs. South Africa cricket match in English and Hindi. Best in LSB, as Madagascar was fairly strong in USB. Today AIR Jeypore (5040) was off the air. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

3325, RRI Palangkaraya. Dec 31 noted running past normal sign off time for New Year’s, past 1637.

9680, RRI Jakarta, random checks from 1433 to 1636, Dec 31. Special New Year’s program running past their normal sign off. A number of DJs seemed to be at a club with background sounds and played a wide variety of music (pop/rock, indigenous, etc.) Signal fair-good. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4950, Radio Kashmir Srinagar, *0118-0225*. Open carrier and test tone noted at 0113 tune in; 0118 start of AIR interval signal followed by their national song, “Vande Mataram,” 0121 subcontinent songs, 0125-0135 seemed to be news, 0135 reciting from the Qur’an followed by Islamic singing and subcontinent songs; 0225.* Is rather a late sign off for them nand went from poor to almost fair and back to poor by sign off.(Ron Howard, CA)

5030, Sarawak FM via RTM. Noted already off the air by 1555. Dec 31 from 1556-1600*; // 9835.

9835, Sarawak FM via RTM, 1600. Pips (1+1), choral national anthem (Negaraku – Lagu Kebangsaan Malaysia), in vernacular. Pop songs, website given for online listening; many on air phone calls and asking each caller a question about Malaysia. Signal fair to good till strong NHK sign on at 1655. Audio (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

5985.86 Radio Myanma 1434-1444. Female announcer's talking - English maybe? Can't tell due to low signal level and high band noise. Went into regional vocal music at 1439. (John Wilkins-CO)

15120, Voice of Nigeria (Ikorodu), 1800-1815. English. Identification and announcements by woman. News by man. Identification by woman at 1805 followed by highlights of their program schedule for the week. Good signal.(Jim Evans, TN)

6019.262, Radio Victoria, 2339-2350. Sounds like Victoria is not broadcasting at this time event though their carrier is quite strong because there is no audio being heard. It's possible that there's a broadcast of something going on now, but I can't hear it. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

11730, 15190 Radio Pilipinas 1755-1900+. English ID at 1755 as "Radyo Pilipinas, the Overseas Service of the Phillipine Broadcasting," followed by a man/woman in lighthearted Tagalog chat with much laughter. 11730 was mixing with, and soon overtook, co-channel RHC. 15190 was very poor at first but improved dramatically and was very good at 1810. Multiple ID's for Radyo Pilipinas, PBS, Radio Ng Bayan, etc. at 1858 were followed by a very long list of affiliates (DZRM, DWCC, and at least a dozen others). (John Wilkins-CO)

6115, 2142, Radio Romania International. National politicla news on conservatives vs democrats - part of Newsreeel program. Station identification at 2144 followed by Travelers Guide program with focus on 'best of' list for holiday destinations to mountain resorts in Romania. Switched to 7310 at 2150 as program continued. Station ID and Sports Highlights from 2010. Instrumental pop music and closing routine at 2155 with IDs, freqs, broadcast hours and freqs for upcoming broadcast at 2300 UTC. Station interval signal to off the air at 2157. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

9840, Voice of Vietnam (Hanoi-SonTay), 2331-2357. English. News by a woman. ID by a man at 2337 followed by more news. A brief musical selection at 2340, then talk by a man and a woman. Vietnamese pop music at 2354. Announcement by a woman at 2357, then either sign off, or the signal faded away. Poor to moderate signal with fading, degrading over time. Low side interference from HCJB via Chile. (Jim Evans, TN)

5915, ZNBC/Radio Zambia 1, 0249-0251. They seemed rather late in starting the African Fish Eagle interval signal, was not heard at 0245. Heard under CRI, // 6162 after the distinctive interval signal was mostly unusable. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)