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Radio Netherlands Program Preview, Jan 9-14

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands Worldwide's English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands Worldwide this coming week, beginning on Saturday.
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So this coming week on:

*** The State We're In ***

A mother's strength: When Naseera Dutour's son, Amine, was "disappeared" along with thousands of other young men by the Algerian government; she started a long, impassioned campaign to find him, and others like him. Her strength shines through the documentary about her, "Chanson pour Amine". As she tells Jonathan, more than a decade has passed, but she refuses to believe he's dead and gone.

Making a splash: Christoffer Lindhe in Sweden was once a competitive swimmer. But a few years ago, he nearly died in a train accident, in which he lost both his legs and one arm. Now he's back in the pool and ranked in the top five in the world. He tells Jonathan how competing has given him his life back.

Busi's van: Contributor Sibusisiwe (Busi) Ndlovu and her husband face the same problems millions do in Zimbabwe: hyperinflation and diminishing earnings. So they came up with a plan to help them secure a decent future: they'd buy a van and start a small transport company. They scraped together their life savings, borrowed from family and bought a van. But when she went to collect it, government authorities had already sold it on the black market. Yet her faith that better days lie ahead remains unshaken.

Persian cats: Veteran filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi knew nothing about the underground music scene in his native Iran. He was surprised at both the quality of the music and the integrity of the musicians. The spirit of their music keeps the flame of defiance going in Iran.

Maida's music: Maida is 76 years old and has advanced dementia. The piano was always part of her life and every Monday her son comes to her care home with his violin and they play music for the other residents. And for a few brief moments, Maida returns to being the person her son grew up with.

*** Earth Beat ***

Marnie Chesterton and her team look at the footprint we're leaving on our

On this week's edition of Earth Beat, no more plugs as wireless electricity fills your home. Save water by washing your clothes in a waterless washing machine. Grow your clothes locally from bacteria.
We explore some great and sometimes bizarre ideas that are just around the corner. And we ask what it is that is keeping them waiting in the wings.

*** Africa in Progress ***

African youths want to break sex taboos
It many societies, it is difficult to talk about sexuality. Yet it is important for the youth to get the right information so that they can make healthy choices about their lives. In this edition, two young African sex educators discuss how sexual taboos should be addressed.

***European Jazz Stage/World Music***

It's African beats and stuff this week, but not necessarily directly from Africa. Rokia Traoré brings in melodies from Mali, and Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 send sounds from Nigeria. Then from across the oceans it's Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band with Trinidad music - although the band is based in England. Hear the World is hosted by Djeera Sujan.

*** Live! at the Concertgebouw ***

The Netherlands' Radio Chamber Philharmonic, conducted by John Nelson, in works telling the story of Orpheus, music's greatest hero, who saved his beloved Euridice from Hell, just by playing the lyre. The music is by Von Gluck and Beethoven, the concert is hosted by Hans Haffmans.

Yannick Nézet-Seguin and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra take you to Spain. Ravel's Bolero is joined by works by Berlioz, de Falla and Massenet with a decidedly Hispanic flavour. Hans Haffmans is your host.

*** Bridges with Africa***

Lively discussion and thought-provoking reports about and from the African

*** Commonwealth Story ***

Judgement Day - by Farah Ghuznavi from Bangladesh.
A sci-fi story of a marriage, read by Sudha Bhuchar.
(Hilary Staples/Radio Netherlands)

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