Monday, January 31, 2011

EDXP Newsletter

Solar Activity
Sunspot Cycle 24 has started, but its estimated that it will not peak until year-2015, at the least, and certainly not at the same intensity for previous cycles.

IPS, Sydney, advises that the 10.7 cm solar flux has dropped to 80, and the daily smoothed sunspot number has fallen to 21, very low values. This means that long-haul multi-hop propagation over darkness, or partial-darkness zones, on frequencies above about 13 MHz will continue to be unreliable.

Czech Republic
On Feb 1, 2011, all shortwave transmissions from the Lytomysl site in the Czech Republic will cease. Radio Prague will no longer be heard on shortwave, and it's output will only be accessible via the internet or satellite.

Effective Feb 1, 2011, DW is listed for these new frequencies:

9545 Woofferton 0600-0800 German
11645 Sines 1700-1800 Russian

A report by a Japanese listener in a newsgroup advised that the religious broadcaster "Cross Radio Pohnpei" is again being heard on shortwave, using 4755. and observed on Jan 29 from 0946 until signoff at 0934. Pohnpei is one of four States in the Pacific, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, administer by the USA. The broadcaster had commenced shortwave broadcasts some time ago but had not been heard until now. (Bob, are we to assume this is English ? Check also the times above in particular the reference to 0946 and a sign-off of 0934 - GVH )

Radio Ukraine International has reduced its shortwave output to only one frequency - 7435 - in use 1500-1800 intended for Europe. All other services have been closed down.

United States
Effective Feb 1, 2011, the Tennessee-based religious broadcaster, Leap of Faith, plans to use the following new schedule:

5080 2300-1200
5755 2300-1200
9480 1200-2300
9990 1200-2300

Power is 100 kW, site is "Lebanon", callsign is "TWW", target is Americas/Europe.

World Radio TV Handbook CD
The CD from WRTH is mow available, which is a PDF Bargraph File current for the B10 season. It may be purchased direct from the WRTH at for 9.99 British Pounds (about AUS/US$16).
(Bob Padula, Melborne, Australia)