Friday, January 07, 2011

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Welcome to the latest edition of the WRN Newsletter which keeps you informed of upcoming programme highlights on WRN's English networks that broadcast to North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

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Sunday, January 9 2011: A Prairie Home Companion

This week "A Prairie Home Companion" is back home at the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, with our favourite Doris Day gumdrop, Nellie McKay, plus a tune for 4 (count 'em 4!) fiddles for the new year with Deena and Sedra Bistodeau, Catie Jo Pidel and Richard Kriehn. With the Royal Academy of Radio Acting; Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Tom Keith and Rich Dworsky and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. Plus, the ice fishing has begun in Lake Wobegon and the cranky gumshoe is back on the slippery streets of Good Ol' St. Paul.

In Africa and Europe: 1100 UTC / 1200 CET / 1300 CAT

Saturday, January 8 and Sunday, January 9 2011: Asia Calling

Developed to reflect the lives and reality of citizens across the region, "Asia Calling" is a weekly radio programme from Indonesia’s Radio News Agency KBR68H.

In North America: 2230 ET / 1930 PT

In Europe: 2100 UTC / 2200 CET

In Africa and Asia 1200 UTC / 1300 CET / 1400 CAT

Saturday, January 8 2010: Radio Australia

To find out about all the latest inventions and technological progress made in many different fields, tune into Radio Australia's science magazine "Innovations"… A showcase of Australian design, discovery, invention, engineering and research skills!

Sunday, January 9 2010: Radio Australia

From dreaming to depression, addiction to artificial intelligence, consciousness to coma, psychoanalysis to psychopathy, free will to forgetting - "All in the Mind" explores the human condition through the mind's eye.

In North America: 1530 ET / 1230 PT

In Europe: 0830 UTC / 0930 CET

Saturday, January 8 and Sunday, January 9 2010: Radio Guangdong

Radio Guangdong, established in October 1949, is a leading radio group in south China. Radio Guangdong programmes cover political, economic, social and cultural issues; programmes about Guangdong, programmes about Guangdong people and programmes linking Guangdong with the world.

In many Chinese cities, urban development and protecting heritage form an obvious is a contradiction hard to overcome. In Guangzhou, an old, yet rapidly growing city, it’s inevitably that people are confronted with this issue. In "Today’s Focus", the presenters will look at a renovation project on Enning Road in the older part of the city known as "Xiguan", which literally means the Western Gate of the Old Town.

And the headlines this week: Inter-city High-Speed railway opens linking 4 cities in the Pearl River Delta / Continuous & Unusual Cold Weather Over Guangdong / Hundreds of Additional trains added for Spring Festival.

In North America: Sat 1200 ET / 0900 PT
Sun 2030 ET / 1730 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sat 0115 UTC / 0315 CAT
Sat 1700 UTC / 1900 CAT
Sat 2045 UTC / 2245 CAT
Sun 0900 UTC / 1100 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sat 0115 UTC / 1215 AEDT
Sat 1700 UTC / 0400 (Sun) AEDT
Sat 2045 UTC / 0745 (Sun) AEDT
Sun 0900 UTC / 2000 AEDT

In Europe: Sat 2045 UTC / 2145 CET

Saturday, January 8 and Sunday, January 9 2010: Radio Netherlands

In "The State We're In", Jonathan Groubert and his team look at current events from an unexpected perspective.

A mother’s strength: When Naseera Dutour’s son, Amine “disappeared” along with thousands of other young men in Algeria; she started a long, impassioned campaign to find him, and others like him. Her strength shines through the documentary about her, “Chanson pour Amine”. As she tells Jonathan, more than a decade has passed, but she refuses to believe he’s dead and gone.

Making a splash: Christoffer Lindhe in Sweden was once a competitive swimmer. But a few years ago, he nearly died in a train accident, in which he lost both his legs and one arm. Now he’s back in the pool and ranked in the top five in the world. He tells Jonathan how competing has given him his life back.

Busi’s van: Contributor Sibusisiwe (Busi) Ndlovu and her husband face the same problems millions do in Zimbabwe: hyperinflation and diminishing earnings. So they came up with a plan to help them secure a decent future: they decided to buy a van and start a small transport company. They scraped together their life savings, borrowed from family and bought a van. But when she went to collect it, government authorities had already sold it on the black market. Yet her faith that better days lie ahead remains unshaken.

Persian cats: Veteran filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi knew nothing about the underground music scene in his native Iran. He was surprised at both the quality of the music and the integrity of the musicians. The spirit of their music keeps the flame of defiance going in Iran.

Sunday, January 9 and Monday, January 10 2010: Radio Netherlands

In "Network Europe Extra" a pan-European team links up across the continent every day to provide a fresh perspective on events and life in Europe.

Friday, January 14 2010: Radio Netherlands

In "Earth Beat", Marnie Chesterton looks at the footprint we are leaving on our planet and runs stories from the people trying to make that footprint lighter.

On this week’s edition of "Earth Beat": no more plugs as wireless electricity fills your home. Save water by washing your clothes in a waterless washing machine. Grow your clothes locally from bacteria.

The presenters explore some great and sometimes bizarre ideas that are just around the corner. And they ask what it is that is keeping them waiting in the wings.

Radio Netherlands broadcast times:
In North America: 0800 ET / 0500 PT
1800 ET / 0300 PT
0000 ET / 2100 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 1000 UTC / 1200 CAT
2200 UTC / 0000 CAT
0400 UTC / 0600 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 1000 UTC / 2100 AEDT
2200 UTC / 0900 AEDT
0500 UTC / 1600 AEDT

In Europe: 1930 UTC / 2030 CET 1400 UTC / 1500 CET
0030 UTC / 0130 CET

Saturday, January 8, Sunday, January 9 and Monday, January 10 2010: Radio New Zealand International

RNZI is New Zealand's only shortwave station, broadcasting to the Island nations of the Pacific. Its broadcasts range from Papua New Guinea in the west across to French Polynesia in the east, covering all South Pacific countries in between.

In North America: Mon - Fri 1200 ET / 0900 PT

Sun 1530 ET / 1230 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sun 0100 UTC / 0300 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sun 0100 UTC / 1200 AEDT

In Europe: Sat 1500 UTC / 1600 CET
Sun 0530 UTC / 0630 CET

Friday, January 7 and Saturday, January 8 2010: Radio Romania International

"A Challenge for the Future" will be taking a look at the challenges Romania is going to face in 2011. And “Practical Guide” brings information on how to take residence in Romania.

Saturday, January 8 and Sunday, January 9 2010: Radio Romania International

“World of Culture” features the Ethnographic Museum of Banat based in the western Romanian city of Timisoara. “RRI Encyclopedia” profiles Ioan Petru Culianu, an outstanding personality of Romania, a world rounded scholar and historian of religions. And in “Roots” the presenters will be talking about a religious holiday, the Epiphany, Romanians celebrated on January 6th.

Sunday, January 9 and Monday, January 10 2010: Radio Romania International

“Inside Romania” finds out why Romanians working and living abroad choose to spend the winter holidays in Romania.

Monday, January 10 and Tuesday, January 11 2010: Radio Romania International

"Pro Memoria" looks at the trivia in the history of the Romanian press.

Radio Romania International broadcast times:

In North America: 0600 ET / 0300 PT
1000 ET / 0700 PT
1730 ET / 1430 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 1230 UTC / 1430 CAT
0530 UTC / 0730 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 1230 UTC / 2330 AEDT
0530 UTC / 1630 AEDT

In Europe: Mon - Fri 0500 UTC / 0600 CET 2000 UTC / 2100 CET

Saturday, January 8 2010: RTE Ireland

"Seascapes" is Radio 1's weekly maritime programme, providing comprehensive coverage of the marine sector presented by Marcus Connaughton.

This week's "Seascapes" features Fish Quota talks; Anne & Steve Redmond; Paul Bourke on Angling and the Battle of Lepanto.

In Africa and the Middle East: 0330 UTC / 0530 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0330 UTC / 1430 AEDT

In Europe: 1900 UTC / 2000 CET

Sunday, January 9 and Monday, January 10 2010: RTE Ireland

"Saturday View" puts the political world in context. Each week Rachael English picks the most important stories, sniffs the political winds and fills Studio 5 and often regional studios with newsmakers, their critics and opponents for lively debate.

While the main focus is on the Dáil and the home stories, the outside world is not forgotten and the big international stories are regularly discussed.

In North America: 1400 ET / 1100 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 0330 UTC / 0530 CAT
1930 UTC / 2130 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0330 UTC / 1430 AEDT
1930 UTC / Mon 0630 AEDT

In Europe: 1900 UTC / 2000 CET

Wednesday, January 12 2010: RTE Ireland

"This Week" gives you an in-depth look at events making the news in the past seven days. Tune in to hear Irish views and commentaries.

In North America: 2100 ET / 1800 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 0330 UTC / 0530 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0330 UTC / 1430 AEDT

Saturday, January 8, Sunday, January 9 and Monday, January 10 2010: United Nations Radio "UN and Africa"

"UN and Africa" is a weekly, 15-minute radio programme that aims to cover topical and current affairs-related stories about what the UN is doing for Africa, in Africa and about Africa.

For over a month now, people from Côte d'Ivoire have been seeking refuge in neighbouring Liberia, victims of the uncertainty and post electoral tensions in their country. Many are women and children who have experienced war before. UNHCR has registered 22,000 Ivorian refugees in Liberia.

Tens of thousands of people continue to flee Somalia as violence continues to grip the country. Refugees have made their way to camps in Kenya and Djibouti, but some of these desperate people prefer to try their luck at travelling further afield in search of a better life, a decision which can often have fatal consequences.

The top United Nations envoy for Somalia, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga visited the Somali capital Mogadishu on Tuesday. The visit came as the Somali government continues its efforts to create stability. The government has completed a roadmap to achieve that in the next 8 months.
In North America: Sun 2045 ET / 1745 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sat 1130 UTC / 1330 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sat 1130 UTC / 2230 AEDT
Sat 2030 UTC / 0730 AEDT

In Europe: Sat 0515 UTC / 0615 CET
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