Friday, January 21, 2011

Zambia to restore Radio 1 and 2 following lightening strikes

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation-ZNBC has assured Kapiri Mposhi residents, in the Central Province that work is on going to restore Radio 1 and 2 services.
Radio 1 and 2 channels have been off air since January 2 following lightening that struck off and destroyed Zamtel Equipment that carries the ZNBC Radio Signal.

Public Relations Officer Masuzyo Ndhlovu says following the impact of damage, there is a disruption of ZNBC 1 and 2 FM (Frequency Modulation) services in Kampiri Mposhi and Surrounding areas.

Public Relations Officer Masuzyo Ndhlovu however says frantic efforts are being made by the technical team to ensure service is restored to normal within shortest possible time.

In a statement to ZNBC News in Lusaka on Saturday, Mr Ndhlovu has advised listeners to search for signals by tuning into the ZNBC Short Wave frequencies for Radio 1 on 5915 Kilo hertz and Radio 2 on 6165 Kilo Hertz.(
(Arnaldo Slaen/HCDX)