Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Radio Mexico International plans to add English and French to line-up

Radio Mexico International, which was re-launched on 1 January 2011, is currently in Spanish only, but has already announced the launch of programmes in English and French, as well as in some dialects of South American Indians.

Radio México Internacional was a shortwave broadcaster until 2004, when it was closed due to deterioration of the transmitters and the advent of new technologies. But the closure was not due to shortage of funds. Dolores Bestegi, the CEO of IMER (Instituto Méxicano de la Radio) at the time, said “Radio México Internacional was a shortwave project, working with six transmitters, five of which were worn out. To repair them would cost 60 million pesos. We could find 60 million pesos, but it was unclear who now listens to broadcasts on shortwave. Therefore, we closed the project. ”

In 2009, IMER launched a special radio station to mark the 200th anniversary of the independence of México, which received great success in the world. Now the technical base of this channel has become the basis for the resumption of the new Radio México Internacional.
(Source: Netherlands Media Network)