Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pirate radio logs

Nice variety of selected pirate radio loggings from Free Radio Weekly, including a few one ones.

All time UTC *sign-on / sign-off*

American Freedom Radio
6925, 2130. SINPO 34533. Urban rap music. Persistent adjacent hetrodyne. Station ID from FRN, hetrodyne from Liquid Radio. (Ragnar)

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6925 AM 0103-0122 SINPO 25222. Jazz and blues music, 0122 station off, sounded like he had a cable short (Ragnar). Email:

College Bowl Shortwave
6925 USB, 1940-1952. SINPO 44344. School fight songs. Faint AM hum from weak station. Email: (Ragnar) (new station)

Lunar Eclipse Radio
6925 Am, 2318-2319* Tuned in to hear an assortment of weird noises and sounds. At 2319 a man announcer gave the station ID and e-mail address, "this is Lunar Eclipse Radio - ." (Rich D’Angelo-PA) (new station)

Northwoods Radio
6925 USB, 2254-2320.+ Good signal for classic music of Humble Pie (#0 Days in the Hole) and Ozzie Osborne. (Ragnar).Email to

Radio Ga Ga
6925 USB, 1330-1340. SINPO 45333. Music from Traveling Wilburys. Sign-off with SSTV. (Ragnar).

Radio Garbanzo
6925 USB, 2133-2203. Probably a WHOF relay with a good signal. Parody ad of Big Bad Bill at Bagel Burgers, followed by a "Radio Garbanzo" ID. Nice show (Majewski).

Radio Jamba International
6925, 0045. SINPO 25233. Sounds like a subgenious (hour of Slack) program being aired, 0108 with "RJI" identificaiton (Ragnar)

The Crooked Man
6935 AM, 2215. SINPO 25433 "This is the Crooked Man Calling." Stones to ranting man punctuated by music. Signal faded considerably by 2230 (Ragnar)

Undercover Radio
6930 USB, 1040-1054. Caught the last of it, a weird sound collage, into the IDs and sign off. Lots of echo, but a big signal. Sign off at 1054. Radio Gong Calling came up with what sounded like the same transmitter 1056-1115. SINPO 45434. (Ragnar)

Voice of Laryngitis
6932 AM, 2305. SINPO 35322 Probably WHOF relay. Voice of Larry mentioned ten years of broadcasting (Ragnar)

WEAK Radio
6948 USB, 2205-2345. Odd collection of music and a new ID "WEAK- The station with the happy difference" relay from a broadcast station KDSU of a couple of guys discussing music. Slowly faded out around 2345 SINPO 45433. (Ragnar)

6925 USB, 0422-0451.* SIO 45434. Station with JB playing DeVo. Noise came up and obliterated the signal. Noise subsided somewhat by 2145. Pirate Juliet came on air with hellos to all her listeners. (Ragnar)

WRRI / Radio Radium International
6955 AM, 2012-2030. Station identification to rock music. Frequency seemed to vary a bit, requiring regular re tuning. Pop tunes including, Addicted to Love, Another Bites the Dust, and Anyway You Want It. Lousy propagation. (Hunsicker, PA) (new station)
(FRW # 777, 778, 779)

Euro pirates

Atlantic Radio 6960, 1335. SINPO 34433.
Baken 16, 3885, 1650. SINPO 44433.
Full Pull 6220, 1455. SINPO 34433.
Radio Altrex 6255, 1415. UTC 344343.
Radio Bonofox 6300, 0845. SINPO 44433.
Radio Pink Panther 6325, 0850. SINPO 24333.
Radio Rainbow 6308, 1505. SINPO 34433,
Radio Saturns 5820, 1020. SINPO 24333.
Radio Skywire 6306, 1400. SINPO 34455.
Radio Barones 1659, 1810. SINPO
Radio Victoria 5800, 1020. SINPO 24333.
Time Radio 6285, 0940. SINPO 24333.
Zender Quintus 6265, 1325. SINPO 54444
(Source: Facebook/Achim Brueckner/Achims Free Radio Disaster)