Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Logs

Nice selection of what listeners are hearing on the shortwave bands. Thanks to new contributor François from France. Good to hear from you.

All times UTC // parallel frequency
*sign-on / sign-off*

4949.806, Radio Nacional, 2240-2250. Noted a male in Portuguese with program comments with very weak audio. Music at 2248. Signal was threshold.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

Ascension Island
11665, Deutsche welle relay coming on at 2359:30 over top of NHK Radio Japan from Yamata, which had been in Japanese prior to top of the hour. DW in German with ID at 0000 and into news. NHK went off at 0000. 45444. (Very good) (Harold Sellres-BC)

2368.5, Radio Symban, 1430 + 1511. Back on the air again after being absent for some weeks. As they had been off, I had hoped they were upgrading the transmitter, but did not notice any improvement today, very faintly heard music which could have been Greek. Better propagation on Jan 19, clearly Greek music at 1045 + 1336.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6134.804, Radio Santa Cruz, 1015-1030. Tune-in, noted a tune of traditional music. male commenst at 1022 in Spanish giving time check. RSC is alone on the freq which allows for a good signal this morning.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

5952.45, Emisora Pio XII, 1029-1045. Noted male in Spanish with comments. Although the carrier is good, the audio is very low in the noise. Splatter is a major problem also. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4699.969, Radio San Miguel, 1033-1045. Female announcer's Spanish comments, joined by male announcer. Signal's audio is threshold with a fair presentation. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4865.031, Radio Verdes Florestas, 1050-1110. Prior to 1000 signal was threshold,but after 1000 noted a female in Portuguese language comments between music. Although this frequency is usually activie with other Brazilian stations, Verdes Florestas is the only station heard here this morning and it was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6165, RNT, 0427-0503. Did not hear any trace of them on the air, only Zambia (Radio 2) in the clear.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Dominican Republic
6025, Radio Amanecer (Santo Domingo), 2338-2349. Spanish. Slow religious-sounding vocal music. Occasional short announcements by a man and a woman. Good signal, improving over time, on a busy, noisy band. (Jim Evans, TN)

9705, Radio Ethiopia, 2030-2100:30.* Local Horn of Africa pop music. Some rustic local music. Amharic talk. National anthem at 2059. Fair (Brian Alexander, PA)

6030, Radio Oromiya (Addis Ababa), 0432-0445. Oromo. Talk by man with occasional quick announcement by second man and a few bars of Horn of Afica music. Poor to moderate signal with minor fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

11850, Adventist World Radio (Agat), 2220-2229.* Javanese. Talk by man and woman. 2224 Talk by woman, Indonesia mentioned, with religious music in the background. All music after 2225. Gone at 2229. Poor signal with some fading and high side broadcast interference. (Jim Evans, TN)

3340, Radio Misiones Intl (HRMI) (Comayaguela) (presumed), 0532-0540. Spanish. Slow contemporary religious music. No announcements heard. Very weak signal with fading, barely above the noise. (Jim Evans, TN)

9870, All India Radio, Vividh Bharati (Entertainment Channel), Bangaluru, 0141. With Hindi vocals as well as some purely instrumental piano music, male announcer in Hindi. Fair but deteriorating to poor by 0158. (Harold Sellers-BC)

6973, Israel Defense Forces Radio (Lod), 0006-0016. Hebrew. Talk by man and woman. Slow paced instrumental pop music at 0009, then more talk. Poor signal, improving, with some fading. (Jim Evans, TN)
6130, Lao National Radio, 1415-1428. In English and Laotian, with what seemed to be their scheduled English language lesson, Functioning in Business. As it will be Lao New Year’s from April 14 to 16, it might be worth while to check on the LNR External Service on 7145, which has been off the air for some time now. Last New Year’s I had the pleasure of hearing their special programming for their English segment (1330-1400*). They explained about the various activities associated with Lao New Year’s and then played some indigenous songs, which were very nice. I hope they will reactivate and broadcast a similar special program this year too, but it is only a hope.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

9704.99, LV du Sahel, 2100-2300.* Audible after Radio Ethiopia signs off. French talk. Variety of Afro-pop music and Euro-pop music. Local chants at 2253. Sign off with short flute interval signal and national anthem at 2258. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9705, La Voix du Sahel (Niamey) (presumed), 2156-2218. French. West African pop music. Announcement by woman in French at 2201, then pop music with talk-over by woman. Back to only music after a few minutes. Poor signal with fading, a few times down into the noise, but also occasionally up to moderate strength. (Jim Evans, TN)

North Korea
9730 Voice of Korea, 0137. English to Asia, man with political talk mentioning “the red flag” several times, 0139 woman with ID. Poor. //11735, 13760, 15180 which are beamed towards the Americas were all good. (Harold Sellers-BC)

5965, BBC (A'Seela) relay, 2238-2246. English. World news read by man and woman. Man with sports news at 2240. Very poor signal, barely above the noise. Stronger parallels noted on 9915 and 12095, both via Ascension. (Jim Evans, TN)

13590, Radio Australia (Medorn), 2228-2232. English. Two men talking. ID by man at 2231 followed by news. Poor to moderate signal with occasional fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

4774.95, Radio Tarma, 1125-1135. Another one of those signals that is barely
audible with a male in Spanish comments. A second station is on 4775 kHz which
may be the Brazilian, Radio Congonhas? (Chuck Bolland,FL)

Russia (Asiatic)
11830 Voice of Russia via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at 2340, English, woman with the “Jazz Show”, 23342 with het, //7250 very poor. (Poor, with het, (Harold Sellers-BC)

4976, Radio Uganda (Kampala), 0426-0440. English. Pop music. Talk by man at 0427, sometimes joined by woman. Very weak signal with fading. Language was definitely English, but poor signal, noise, and somewhat muffled audio made content difficult to understand. It may have been a Sunday religious program. Also heard 1/25/2011, 0424-0434, with talk and pop music, and somewhat improved signal. (Jim Evans, TN) 4976 at 2210 UTC. SINPO 33322. (François from Capbreton, France).

Vatican State
4005, Vatican Radio, 0450-0503. Hungarian. Woman talking with an occasional few bars of music. Background music at 0459 followed by interval signal. Announcements by man at 0500 at start of Polish language program. Talk by man and woman followed. Poor to moderate signal under a very strong, relentless RTTY signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

4965,047, Number One, Africa, 2220-23050. Noted a male in English with religious comments, music at 2246. This continues as the signal remains at a good level. At 2300 heard possible ID as, "... Radio Christian Voice". Broadcast continues. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6165, ZNBC/Radio 2, at 0249. Was finally able to confirm the distinctive African Fish Eagle interval signal. Difficult due to strong interference // 5915.After RN (via Bonaire) signed off (0427*) found them in the clear (no hint of any Chad) with non-stop African Hi-Life music; IDs: “Radio 2”. In English with local time checks (UT +2) 0500 news, almost fair. Pleasant to find them with no interference and a nice music program.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)