Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blog Logs - South America

All times UTC // parallel frequencies

6060, Radio Nacional, General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, 2304. Interview in Spanish, some background hum and interference.(Bell/FRW 422)

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 1010-1020. Quecha religious talk. Good signal strength, but utility interference was making reception difficult. (Wlodarski). Also heard at 2324-0105 with Spanish talks followed by lots of Bolivian music. At 0100 a clear mentioning of Mosoj Chaski, SINPO 25432. (Van Arnhem/DXW 422)

4409.8, Radio Eco, Reyes, 2330-2350. Noted with good signal. (Wilkner/DXW 422)

4451.13, Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma, 2330-0110. Choral music, ID as ”Radio Santa Ana”, string of vocals and comments. On late for Radio Santa Ana. (Wilkner/DXW 422)

4699.96, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, noted 1015 already in progress with male's Spanish talks repeatedly mentioning Bolivia. Occasional GMT-4 t/c,s. Seemed news show with remote actualities being played. 1028 ". . . ustedes en sintonia con Radio San Miguel . . . programacion del campo y patrimonio nacional . . . las seis de la manana . . . nuestro amigos . . ." 1029 program ends. Female announcer crooning with guitar, orchestra rift, then back into announcer's Spanish again. Decent signal and clear frequency but a bit boomy. (Ralph Perry, IL/pladx)

3375, Radio Municipal, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, 935-1050. Local music to Portuguese announcement. Poor signal. (Wlodarski/DXW 422)

4754.85, Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, 0950-1005. Portuguese talk echoing over orchestral background music. Live studio announcement followed, mentioning several times "Santa Maria" (three times in five minutes). Good signal. (Perry in Dxplorer/DXW 422). Also heard at 2314 with preacher in Portuguese. Choir music and slow song of praise. Fair signal. (Bell/DXW 422)

4865.071, Radio Verdes Florestas, 1030-1045. Noted at 1030 Portuguese singing, music was soft and may have been religious. At 1032 between songs, noted a brief comments. Signal continually improved during the period from poor to good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO, 2309-0010. Ballad type music, ID jingle at 2312 in Portuguese. Fair signal // 11815 which had good signal strength. (Wilkner and Wlodarski/DXW 422)

5045, Radio Cultura do Pará, Belém, PA, 2228-2240. Portuguese advertisements. Station ID at 2229. Local news for fair signal quality.
(Wlodarski/DXW 422)

9654.35, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paolo, 2300. Fair signal getting splattered by interference. Two males in Portuguese dialogue. Sentimental station for me, whenever I hear it, as Bandeirantes was my first Brazilian logging (and QSL!) almost 35 years ago. (Ralph Perry, IL/pladx)

9665.10, Radio Voz Missionaria, 2310. Christian Portuguese pop music, then into male announcer's long, inspirational speech in Portuguese at 2314. Could pick up references to God, the family, the Bible, etc. "Amen, alleluia!!" at 2310 several times, then female's intoning in a somewhat ecstatic Portuguese with music building behind her. Able to tune the // frequency of 5939.85, though at a much lower level. Nice signal and no interference. (Ralph Perry,IL/playdx)
9820, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 0827-0840. Male/female with religious comments and Portuguese time check as, "5 horas 35 minutos." Religious songs. SINPO 23322. (Méndez/Cumbre)

15190, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 0920-1005. Brazilian songs. Portuguese, program Trem Caipira. Station identification: "Inconfidencia, trem caipira, 6 y 39", "Voce está na Rede Inconfidencia de radio". SINPO 24332. Also 0845-0852, 08-03, Brazilian songs. 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre)

6035.02, LV del Guaviare, 1003-1035. Presumed with Spanish talk. Ads. Religious recitations. Local Spanish music. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)
4747, Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, 0957-1035. Spanish ID at 0958, advertisement to time pips at 1000. Quecha announcement to local music. STation ID at 1029 over music. Fair signal. (Wlodarski/DXW 422)

4789.91, Radio Visión, Chiclayo, 0510-0750. Spanish talk, religious program La Voz de la Salvación, Gloria a Jesús, La palabra del Señor, SINPO 14321. (Liangas and Méndez). Also noted at 0910-1125, Spanish preacher in front of a live crowd with religious talk, “la iglesia..en busca del Dios..Iglesia Pentecostal”, 1120 time check: "...las seis de la manana . .programa de noticias". Good Signal. (Otávio, Perry via Dxplorer, Wilkner and Wlodarski/DXW 422)

4824.47, Radio La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos. Noted 1058 with big carrier though lower modulation. Peruvian folklorica vocals by male with guitar and quenas. Male's yelling at 1101 in Spanish in echo chamber followed by program of more musica del campo. Also reliably noting Radio Huanta 2000 most mornings around 1030 on steady 4746.97 (Ralph Perry, IL/playdx)

4955, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, Ayacucha, 2320-2330. Spanish announcement and ad. SINPO 34433. (Van Arnhem/DXW 422)

4974.8, Radio Pacífico, Lima, 0815-0825. Spanish religious comments. Very weak, LSB, SINPO 14321. (Méndez/DXW 422)

5039.235, Radio Libertad, 1046-1100,. Signal here with music, at 1051, between melodies, a male commented in Spanish. At 1052 noted canned ID with some echo effect. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5120.39, Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, 1030-1050. Andean music, ID and local announcement in Quecha. Local flute music with male announcer speaking over music at times, better than usual signal. (Wilkner and Wlodarski/DXW 422)

5921.26, Radio Bethel, Arequipa, 1100. Spanish programme. (Wilkner/DXW 422)

6019.24, Radio Victoria, Lima, 0545-0556. Spanish religious program La Voz de la Liberación, SINPO 24322.(Méndez). Also heard at 1010-1025, usual preaching by David Miranda and music. The signal improves from a poor to good level. (Bolland). And at 0040 with male speakers interchanging in rapid, emotional Spanish, weak. (Bell/DXW 422)