Sunday, March 06, 2011

pirate radio logs

a sampling of what the pirate chasers are logging.

All times UTC

Crystal Ship
6815, 2223, SIO 121. I can just tell that he's there, lots of noise and data pulses, coming in much better SIO 323, still noisy, with Dylan at 2322. Music- Fortunate One. Signal seems to be coming mostly out of my left speaker (Al Fansome, PA/FRW 786)

KARR Radio
6925USB, 0024-0105.+ With heavy metal music, synthesized ID at 0030:45 “…RR mobile transmitter.” Fair signal with some fading. Please QSL, have recording. (Foltz-CA, ).(FRW 786)

Radio GaGa
6925USB, 2355, SIO 333. Weird "tunnel" effects from the propagation or perhaps a modem or CODAR. ID - "Radio GaGa" at 2356, Tune, Pressure, Live from Zipper Lake, and Another One Bites the Dust (Al Fansome. PA/FRW 786)

Radio Jamba International
6925.1, 0321-0344.+ Folk-like music then what sounded like rap. An ID by male and female announcers, followed by a mention of the Northern Radio Relay Service. SIO 352very noisy S-7 over S-5 noise. Also, some distortion. (Ron Hunsicker, PA/FRW 786)

Radio Mushroom
6925USB, 0042, SIO 534. Strong signal but some noise and data interference. Tune, Sledgehammer to ID at 0046 with comments about mushroom clouds. Music - Born On the Bayou to ID at 0051, "tapped into a nuclear reactor." Music - Cinnamon Girl. (Al (Fansome, PA/FRW 786)

Voice of Sex
6950.3, 2235-2242. Signal fair/poor S-8 max. Urban contempory dance music to old phone company spoof ad ("we don't know what we're doing"). Sound of toilet flushing, to, "this is the Voice of Sex from the United States of America, este es el voz de sex desde los Estados Unidos de America." Mentioned Box 109 BRS, PA 17214. (Hassig-IL/FRW 785)

WPOD/White Punks on Radio
6930USB, 0114-0137. Heard repeated IDs by man and woman, mentioned Worldwide Web. Jimi Hendrix's Fire and many other tunes and many IDs including some that were computer synthesized. Signed off at 0137. (Martin Foltz, CA/FRW 785)

Wolverine Radio
6925USB, 0034-0141.* Fair/good signal. A show with music about falling in love. Nice theme show with music from the forties to the present. Ended with a SSTV transmission (Greg Majewski CT/FRW 785).

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Euro pirate logs

freq/UTC time

Radio Northcoast, 3930
Overijssel Radio, 3905
Radio Scotland, 6291, 0950
Radio Underground, 6375, 0945
Mike Radio, 6950, 0935 UTC
Radio Thunderbird, 5835, 0920
Laser Hot Hits, 4025
Zender Quintas, 3900
Radio Altrex, 6313, 1440
Radio Lowpower, 6313, 1440
Radio Pluto, 6310, 1420
Radio Transeurope, 6204, 1345
Radio Rainbow, 6310, 1005
Misti Radio, 6220, 1000
(Achim BrecknerGermany/FB)