Sunday, March 06, 2011

Two new stations receive HFCC approval

A portion of Jeff White's recent NASB report, included the following station updates.

There were two new applicants for HFCC membership. Radio CJSC from Armenia had two representatives present. Various organizations use the shortwave (including DRM) and mediumwave relay facilities in Yerevan, Armenia, which are now privatized and owned by a company in Switzerland. The main client is the Voice of Russia. CJSC was applying for associate membership in the HFCC.

Nashville, Tennessee-based World Christian Broadcasting – an NASB member – operates FCC-licensed shortwave station KNLS in Alaska. It is currently constructing a new shortwave station off the southeast coast of Africa called Madagascar World Voice, and it asked for a separate FMO (“WCB” for World Christian Broadcasting) so it can begin registering frequencies for the B11 season. Engineer Kevin Chambers came to the meeting from Madagascar, and he requested full membership for WCB in the HFCC. Both requests for CJSC and WCB were unanimously approved by HFCC members.
(NASB Newsletter/March 2011)