Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Nikkei simulcasting local radio from Fukushima

Due to the nuclear emergency in Fukushima, Japan, Radio Nikkei - the country’s only private shortwave broadcaster - has begun to simulcast some programming from a local radio station in Fukushima - Radio Hukuzima - which is broadcasting a 24-hour emergency service. The simulcasts are carried on Radio Nikkei’s 1st Programme, which operates on 3925/6055/9595 kHz. Simulcasts over the next few days are tentatively scheduled as follows:

17 March: 0930-1055 UTC
18 March: 0605-0700 & 1045-1130 UTC
19 March: 0930-1030 UTC
20 March: 1035-1130 UTC
21 March: Extended broadcast planned
Radio Nikkei points out that the scheduled transmissions may be modified depending on events in Fukushima.

(Source: Radio Nikkei website via Google Translate/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)