Monday, March 21, 2011

Libyan Freedom Fighters Broadcasting in the Medium Wave AM Band

We have received several reports regarding Libyan freedom fighters broadcasting their own programming in the AM Broadcast Band and are in possession of at least three former Libyan government medium wave stations.

Here are the recently reported frequencies:

675 kHz from Benghazi
1125 kHz from al Bieda
1449 kHz from Misurata (TX in Al Assah)

Misuratassa has seen fierce fighting for the last several days, and Gaddafi's forces have been advancing house by house. They are almost in the center of the city, but the frequency 1449 kHz is probably, at least as of yesterday, still being held by the freedom fighters according to monitor reports. Will be on Global tuners later today and see what we can hear from the area on the AM broadcast band.