Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Monitoring Liberia on shortwave

In recent weeks, DXers are hearing what is believed to be a reactivation of Liberia's Radio Veritas as noted from this week's DX Window. Any additional monitoring observations are always appreciated.
Gayle VH

5470.00, Radio Veritas, Monrovia (presumed), 1940-2201*, Feb 24, 25, 26, 28 and Mar 06. Still testing in French. Interview, 2000 news about Libya, Nigeria and Europe. Hymns, no ID heard and audio varying quickly from fair to nil, when best: SINPO 33333, modulation good to poor, at times utility interference present. (Milan ARI DX night and Petersen)

6070, ELWA, Monrovia. Just came across this of ELWA Liberia shortwave. The video shows SW transmitter (ELCOR 2 kW is it?). Shot taken summer 2010. Possibly still running on 6070, if the transmitter works.
(Savolainen in Dxplorer)
(DX Window 423 via Anker Petersen)

WRTH 2011, reportes ELWA was inactive at press time on 4760, 6070 kHz. When active operates in English and local languages 0600-1000, 1730-2300 UTC and Sat/Sun to 2230UTC.