Sunday, March 06, 2011

MV Baltic Radio announces test

9480 kHz, MVB Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Baltic Radio.

MV Baltic Radio testing on 9480 kHz. MV Baltic Radio today announced tests from their own transmitter. Currently they transmit on each first Sunday of the month via Wertachtal on 6140 kHz from 1000-1100 UTC.

Today they said they have a licence from the German frequency authority for using 9480 kHz from 0800 till 1600 UTC. During the coming weekends they will start testing using low power.
(Harald Kuhl-D, DXplorer Mar 6)

According German Frequency Authority BNetzA 9480 kHz 0800-1600 UT at 230degr to Central- and Southwestern Europe via 700type dipol antenna to zones 18,19,27,28,29,37N, from {strange placeholder} BRE Bremen entry {not Goehren on Settin Lake} 1 kW on Half Wave Dipol, antenna type 700. former ITU entry til 1999: BRE Bremen (ex Radio Bremen/SFB Berlin site, transmitter now at Madagascar site).
Former 53 05N 08 50E. Now changed to Radio Bremen Oberneuland site MW 936 kHz from Feb 1, 1999, at 53 06 31.80 N 08 56 09.38 E

New ITU registration on 01-MAR-2011 Global HF Transmitter Site Table. 01-MAR-2011: add: GOH Goehren, D, 53 32N 11 36 E, registered MVB Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Baltic Radio - from Goehren on Settin Lake.

#700 curtain antenna, arrays of horizontal half-wave dipoles, centre fed, without reflector.

Designation: CH m/n/h. CH 1/1/0.3, 1 kW at 230 degrees
m number of half-wave dipoles in each horizontal row
n number of \\ rows spaced half a wavelength apart
h height above the ground in wavelengths

Possible slew and the design frequency are entered in separate requirement fields.

Wonder whether the Bremen registration entry is reality, or only early replacement of the new ITU entry at "Goehren on Settin Lake", as of ITU Geneve list on March 1st.

Strange main lobe antenna azimuth at 230 degrees from Bremen Oberneuland via Kleve, Brussels, Paris, and towards Lisbon Portugal.

Or instead from Goehren on Settin lake via lobe at Bielefeld, Cologne, Paris, Bordeaux, and towards Algarve Portugal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Feb Mar 6)