Monday, March 21, 2011

Liberian government to take over Star Radio ?

The Board of Directors of NGO-funded Star Radio in Liberia, which was meant to assure its independence from government and other interferences, has received substantial government money in the tune of US$100,000 now being used to pay off workers and employees, according to a reliable source.

“…What the government is trying to do is to find another NGO that will take over and run Star Radio. But what do we do in the interim? The Board of Directors needs money to settle the arrears it owes the employees,” Presidential spokesman Cyrus Badio told the newspaper New Democrat.

The paper says it has gathered from credible sources that the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) recently pumped in about US$50,000 that is now being used to pay off all employees and staff of Star Radio. Another US$50,000 is expected soon, the source said. With government money pumped into the station, via the LMA, the source said, Star Radio will likely cease to be an independent station as envisaged by its benefactor, Foundation Hirondelle, which stipulated that the station be devoid of any government interference.
(Source: New Democrat/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

My last reported shortwave activity for Radio Star, was for their English broadcast on 3960 kHz, from 0500-0900 and 1800-2100 UTC. Any additional observations from our blog readers ?
(Gayle VH)