Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radio Australia reinforces broadcast to Japan

ABC has reinforced Radio Australia’s capacity to assist the Australian Government in the carriage of urgent information to Australian citizens in Japan. Broadcasts normally directed to Papua New Guinea have been extended to cover Japan. In addition two broadcasts normally directed to south-east Asia have been re-directed to Japan

Radio Australia’s English service from Shepparton, Victoria will broadcast to Japan as follows until further notice (all times UTC):

2300-0700 on 13690 kHz
2330-00700 on 17750 kHz
0000-0500 on 21725 kHz
0700-1300 on 11945 kHz
0700-0900 on 9710 kHz
1100-1400 on 9560 kHz
1400-1800 on 5995/6080 kHz
Source: Nigel Holmes, Transmission Manager Radio Australia, via Mike Bird)
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)