Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio Kiribati changes medium wave frequency

Kiribati’s state radio, a division of the Broadcasting and Publications Authority, began broadcasting today on a new frequency of 1440 kHz, thanks to a grant of almost AU$137,000 from the government of Taiwan. The new frequency replaces 846KkHz which has been used since independence. General manager of BPA, Betarim Rimon, told the national paper, Te Uekera, that the new frequency is a big achievement for the organisation. Radio Kiribati is the only station that broadcasts across the country to the population of about 100,000, mainly in Kiribati languages. In 2008, the radio station went off air for several months after its transmitter broken down for serious technical problems. This put pressure on the state broadcaster to cut its expenses and consider a bank overdraft to solve its financial problems. (Source: Pacific Media Watch/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog) Additional story, Radio Kiribati in technical and financial trouble Photo/Teak Publishing Photo Archives