Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Blog Logs

All times UTC

// parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

9400, IRRS, 2153-2200:30.* Tune-in to Overcomer Ministry with Brother Stair. Abrupt sign off. Poor to fair in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7240, Radio Australia, via Shepparton (tentative). Heard at 2035 during a sequence of many songs in English from Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Barry Manilow. Included “Hotel California.” No station ID noted. S, and so). No station ID. SINPO 24432. (Rudolf Grimm, Brazil)

4716.756, Radio Yura, 0020-0040. Local music noted but muffled and in the noise as the signal continues to fade in. Signal was poor during the period. A recheck at 0110 revealed a female's Spanish comments. Signal had improved to a fair level, music followed (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6134.876, Radio Santa Cruz, 0005-0020. Male/female duo talking over music. Not sure what's going on, since it's still early in the DX day here. Music stops for a minute at 0012 while the female talks, then back up. Signal was fair but husky. Caught a live ID at 0014 by a male. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6134.83, Radio Santa Cruz, 0844-0910. Tune-in to Spanish talk. Flute interval signal at 0846 and opening ID announcements. Santa Cruz song at 0848. Bolivian music at 0852 Spanish talk. Signal poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4699.389, Radio San Miguel, 0023-0030. Initially noted a male in Spanish language comments with some music. This was mixing with plenty of noise to complicate the listening. This resulted in the signal being poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4699.320, Radio San Miguel. Noted from 01:50 with music. Station ID at 02:02. Transmitter off at 0204. Surprised to hear them so well on a night when the magnetic field is so quiet. (Arthur Delibert/HCDX)

3310.352, Radio Mosoj Chaski, 0121-0130. Male/female's Spanish comments. Signal extremely muffled with noise doing a good job covering it. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

9650, KBS World relay 1240. Program of 1990's American pop music. SIO 553 with fluttery signal and deep fades. (Bob Fraser, ME).

15335, Radio Canada International, 2035. Interview with a male dancer. SIO 353. ALso heard on // 15235 and 17735 with poor signal for both. (Bob Fraser, ME).

5985, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, Japan. Frequency ex: 6020. Quick hecks at 1346 and 1402, April 29 found them best in LSB to get away from the Myanmar (5985.83) het. Program in Japanese; fair with light jamming already here. Scheduled 1330 to 1430, so no hope at all of hearing Myanmar during this time period (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbred DX)

15725, Voice of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio. Mauno Ritola (Finland) has reported this with 0358 sign on. Tuned in 0403 to African music; 0405: ID as reported by others: “The Voice of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio stands for freedom, justice, equality, and human rights.” Male announcer in vernacular with some musical bridges till tuned out 0421. Signal poor to very poor with heavy interference from 15720,so best in USB. MP3 audio http://www.box.com/s/3ea263862057c1e59ea6. Sorry I was not recording when ID given in English, but on my audio check just after the music, at 0:35, for what sounds like “South Sudan Radio”. Checked again at 0501 to find weak signal, but no interference. Male announcer talking in English with many mentions of “Sudan” and “South Sudan.” Too weak to make out much- 0504 marching band music, into vernacular till 0511 tune out (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

9680.051, RRI Jakarta, 1030-1045. Nice signal at tune in with popular music. An earlier check was very poor, however after a half hour's wait the signal faded in nicely. The music continues with no interruptions until 1033 when a female comments in Indonesian. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

9525.985, Voice of Indonesia, 1035-1050. Noted a very weak signal here with an occasional comment fading in over the noise. No other details were noted as this remained worst than threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5010.012, AIR Thiruvanathapuram. Noted at 00:38 with news in English by female announcer, to 0040 "and that is the end of this news bulletin." Into local language and music. Extra quiet magnetic field made for better copy than usual here. (Arthur Delibert/HCDX)

7550, AIR, Delhi. Noted at 2055 with Indian instrumental music and female announcer's chat. News bulletin at 2100 on Indian government and freedom. SINPO 35543 (Rudolh Grimm, Brazil)

6973, Galei Zahal, 0010-0030. Lite instrumental music to local and US pop music. Weak but readable. Good on // 15850. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5010.00, Radio Madagasikara, 0223-0250. Carrier + USB. Tune-in to local African choral music. Short interval signal at 0226. National anthem at 0226. Opening ID anouncements at 0229. Malagasy talk. African choral music. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5995, RTVM, *0555-0630. Sign on with nterval signal on local guitar. National anthem at 0558. Flute interval signal at 0559 and opening French ID announcements. Local tribal music at 0602. Fair to good signal (Brian Alexander, PA)

9665, Radio Pridnestrovye (Radio PMR), Grigoriopol. German service observed at 2144. News bulletin to station ID as, "this is Radio Pridnestrovye” in English. Music from male/female duo, followed by info on website as www.radiopmr.org. Time pips and news in Russian. SINPO 35543. (Rudolf Grimm, Brazil).

4775.030, Radio Tarma, 0111-0130. Program of steady music being presented. The signal remained at a poor level during the listening period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

7110, Thazin Radio via Pyin U Lwin, 1430-1501*, Start of English segment to theme music and normal recorded intro as, “Good evening dear listeners. You are tuned to Thazin Radio,Pyin U Lwin and thank you very much. We are broadcasting the third English transmission on the air again. Radiating on 639 kilohertz and 7 point 11 megahertz.” They have dropped the wishes for a “very happy Thingyan and a special Happy Myanmar New Year” as the New Year’s . Pop songs.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4747.186, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 0028-0135. It's still early so this station is still at threshold level. Even so, noted a female/male host in Spanish. Maybe a recheck later will produce a better signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4775.078, Radio Tarma, 0045-0055. Program of music an promos mixed in with live Spanish comments via male announcer. Signal not as strong and the noise is covering up a lot of details. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6173.929, Radio Tawantinsuyo, 0055-0105. Faint signal observed with music being broadcast just under the noise. Unfortunately the Voice of Vietnam comes up on 6175 kHz covering Tawantinsuyo completely. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

11880, Radio Romania International, 2030. Station sign-on into newscast. SIO 554 Heard on // 13800 and 15220. (Bob Fraser, ME)

9800, Voice of Russia 0000. Station sign on into news read on stock market. SIO 454 (Bob Fraser, ME)

7200, Radio Omdurman, Al Aitahab. Arabic at 1945. Sudanese songs. Male announcer's talk at 2200, followed by interval signal. SINPO 25432. (Rudolf Grimm, Brazil)

9465, Voice of Turkey, Emirler. Uyghur service at 0235. Turkish music and talk. Multilingual station IDs for "this is the Voice of Turkey" in English, German and Spanish. SINPO 35543. Rudolf Grimm, Brazil).

9830, Voice of Turkey, 2218, Emirler. Balkan Agenda program on Bosnia Herzogovinia relations. SIO 545 (Bob Fraser, ME).

6015, Radio Tanzania Zanzibar, *0257-0318. Suddenly on with very faintly heard repetitive interval signal. Time pips to 0302 Qur’an to 0307. Male announcer with
monologue. Usual format, signal poor (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)