Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Terrible Cost of Cutting International Radio

TUE MAY 1, 2012 by Thomas Witherspoon, Founder, Ears to Our World

Even from the relative distance of theUnited States, it’s painful to witness the brutal gagging of the broadest-reaching voice of Canadian international diplomacy.

The recently announced cuts to the CBC have garnered considerable press. However, what has not received sufficient press is the story of the cuts which threaten the very existence of Radio Canada International.

This oversight is likely because, sadly, many Canadians must not be aware of RCI, or of its valiant but unsung role in international relations. Radio Canada International is an arm of the CBC that stretches across the world with international news and programming, offering a uniquely Canadian perspective on world events to millions of listeners, who await these broadcasts every day.

Additional article at http://thenetwork.thestar.com/expert-opinion/the-terrible-cost-of-cutting-international-radio/20120501/