Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VL8A Alice Springs testing on 4835 kHz


4835.00, VL8A, Alice Springs, NT, 2133, May 15. Talks in English, fair // 5025 weaker, no signal on 4910. (Bernardini). On May 28 heard already at 1940-2000 with English pop songs and talk about the weather, phone numbers, 35333. (Petersen).
From May 28 onwards for a period of a couple of months, there's a chance you'll hear VL8A running a single-frequency test on 4835. This is a high-angle skywave, night service intended primarily for a domestic audience within 400 km of the transmitter. The reason for the trial is, because the transmitter contractors are unable to maintain the automation system that controls the day-night change-over between 4835 and 2310. Reception reports on the test should be sent to:
Gary Baxter, ABC Transmission Services, Box 9994, Sydney NSW 2001, AUSTRALIA and not to the address of R. Australia. Received direct from Nigel Holmes, RA. (Seager in ARDXC List, May 17/DX Window 455)