Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Voice of America, Revised English Service

Voice of America
Effective to: 28 October 2012
Target Areas: af (Africa) as (Asia) ca (Central America) sa (South America)

All times UTC

0000-0030 7555as
0030-0100 7430as 9715as 9780as 11725as 12005as 15205as 15290as 17820as
0100-0200 7430as 9780as 11705as
0130-0200 mtwhfa 7465ca 9820sa
0300-0400 4930af 6080af 9855af 15580af
0400-0430 9855af
0400-0500 4930af 4960af 6080af 12025af 15580af
0500-0600 4930af 6080af 12025af 15580af
0600-0700 6080af 12025af 15580af
1200-1300 7575as 9510as 12075as 12150as
1300-1400 7575as
1300-1400 Sat/Sun 7575as 9510as 9610as 12150as
1400-1500 4930af 6080af 15265af 15580af 17530af
1400-1500 mtwhf 7540as 7575as 12150as
1500-1600 4930af 6080af 6140as 7465as 7520as 9485as 9760as 12150as 13570me 15265af 15530me 15580af 17895af
1600-1700 4930af 6080af 7465as 12080af 13570af 15470af 15580af
1630-1700 9490af 11655af 13800af
1700-1730 6080af 17895af
1700-1800 11795af 15580af
1730-1800 6080af 17895af
1800-1830 6080af 17895af
1800-1830 Sat/Sun 4930af
1800-1830 9850af
1800-1900 12015af 15580af
1830-1900 4930af 6080af 9850af
1900-1930 9850af
1900-2000 4930af 4940af 6080af 7485me 9490me 15580af
2000-2030 4940af 6080af
2000-2100 4930af 7485me 15580af
2000-2100 mtwhf 9480me
2030-2100 6080af 7555as
2030-2100 Sat/Sun 4940af
2100-2200 6080af 7555as 15580af
2200-2300 5755as
2200-2300 mtwhs 5895as 5915as 7480as 7575as 12150as
2230-2300 7460as 9570as 11840as 15340as
2300-0000 5895as 5910as 7460as 7555as 7575as 9570as 11840as 12150as 15340as
(WRTH/09 May update)