Wednesday, May 30, 2012

QSL Report Central

Just completed another upcoming edition of QSL Report, for Monitoring Times magazine. In doing so, due to space constraints, I've had to cut several contributions. I hope you find the following entrys useful in your QSLing quest. The fine art of QSLing is not dead...not at all ! QSLs are always welcome for MT or this blog at the above email address. Let me know whats filling your mailbox !
Gayle Van Horn

Radio Bulgaria, 9400 kHz. Full data station card for last day of transmission. Received in 69 days for report to (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

Radio Canada International, 17790 kHz. Full data RCI card, signed by Bill Westerhaven. Received ib ten days for report to: (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL)

Czech Republic
Radio Prague via WRN Astra Satellite. Full data QSL in 12 days. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

Radio Spaceshuttle via WMR, 5815 kHz. Full data QSL card. Received in 827 days after report follow up. (Vashek Korinek/playdx)

Radio Taiwan International relay, 11875 kHz. Full data RTI card. Received in 49 days. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

IRIB relay, 5940 kHz. Full data card, plus schedules and a magazine. Received in 196 days. NHK/Radio Japan Lithuanian relay, 6130 kHz. Full data NHK card, stciker and schedule. Received in 59 days. (Vashek Korinek/playdx)Radio Free Asia relay, 9490 kHz. Full data RFA card. Received in ten days for report to (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL).

Medium Wave
Botswana-Voice of America-Studio 7, Selebi Pikwe.909 kHz AM. Full data QSL card, signed by Brendan Murphy, Zimbabwe Service Chief. Included souvenir postcards and sticker. Received in 80 days from report follow up.(Vashek Korinek/playdx)

CNR-1, Changzhou (600 kW) 1593 kHz AM. Full data QSL card. Received in 60 days. Postal address: China National Radio, P.O. Box 4501, Beijing 100866 CHina. (Mauricio Molano, Spain/playdx)

Radio Free Asia, 11590 kHz. Full data Anniversary card. Received in 12 days for report posted to (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL)

Radio Australia, 9890 kHz. Full data card signed by Ian Johnson Received in 170 days. (Vashek Korinek/playdx)

International Radio Serbia, 6190 kHz. Full data station card, unsigned, plus sticker and program schedule. Received in 65 days for report to (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL)

South Africa
RTE International, 17500 kHz. Full data QSL signed by Maewe Anslow. Received in 90 days. QSL address: RTE Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland. (Rafael Rodriguez R., Bogota, Colombia/playdx)

United Arab Emirates
Deutsche Welle relay, 12070 kHz. Full data DW card, unsigned. Received in ten days for report posted to (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL).