Wednesday, May 09, 2012

DX Programs Online Reference List

The following links, represent websites that contain live or archived audio or program scripts, for DX and Media programs.

Ask WWCR (live):

Australian DX Report:

BBCR4 Feedback: (live+archive)

BBC World Service “Click”:

R Bulgaria Answering Your Letters (Saturdays): (click on “The Programme” for audio)

DXers Unlimited:

DXing With Cumbre (live):

DXing With Cumbre (podcast): via Facebook page ‘CumbreDX/DXing With Cumbre’

DX PartyLine: p (archive)

Gadget Detective:

Happy Station/Media Network Plus:

Radio Japan:

KBS World Radio:

Laser Goes DX

Media Network Plus:

RCI Mailbag (archive):

RNZI Mailbag:

(BCDX/May 2012)

Radio Bulgaria closed on shortwave at the end of January 2012 and the DX program also ended. The station still produces a daily one-hour online broadcast which includes "Answering Your Letters" on Saturdays.

Radio Canada International is closing all of its shortwave and satellite services from 26 June 2012. The final airing of “Maple Leaf Mailbag” is expected to be on 24-25 June.

BBC WS Click and Over to You are available via online UK stream at the times listed above. Times may vary on the BBCWS regional shortwave streams.

DXing with Cumbre is only included in the above listed at times which have actually been confirmed on SW via WHRI during the current schedule period. The WHRI schedule includes many additional airings but in practice the SW transmitters are usually off the air. Additional airings can however be heard via the WHRI web streams.

WRMI Radio Miami International Additional airings of DX programmes may be available via Radio Miami International on 9955 kHz see station web site for schedule -
(BCDX/May 2012)