Friday, May 18, 2012

Blog Logs

All times UTC

// parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

6080, Radio Australia via Shepparton 1013-1024. Tok Pisin. Two male announcers in discussion and several mentions - "..development foundation.." & phone number as 61-427-72-72-72. Music at 1023. Signal fair-good //5995. (Scott Barbour, NH)

4750, Bangladesh Betar, 1230-1242. Mixing badly with China's CNR1. Poor signal with usual Monday format:Maghrib (sunset) Call-to-Prayer, subcontinent music. Lady announcer with the Monday only SAARC news bulletin in English. Still no hint of RRI Makassar (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6134.851, Radio Santa Cruz, 0043-0100. Music program of music and chatter from announcer, noted a fair signal this evening, but it having a strong automatic signal
hitting Radio Santa Cruz on the low side. The notch filter didn't give much help.
(Chuck Bolland, FL)

4878.372, Radiodifusora Roraime. (presumed) 0050-0100. Program of regular music with two males Portuguese commentsbetween the tunes. Signal poor, but audible enough to identify it as Brazilian. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5940.07, Voz Missionária, 0400-0445. Inspirational music to Portuguese talk. Signal Weak. Poor with adjacent channel splatter. Very weak // 9665.04. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

15191.5, Radio Inconfidencia, 0441. Portuguese talk by man and woman, 0444 Portuguese song. Poor signal quality. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

6164.96, RNT, 0427-0445. Heard after a strong Radio Netherland 6165 signs off at 0427African hi-life music. French talk.Fair. Weak interference from Radio Japan 6165. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

4940, 1145-1201. Voice of Strait. Instrumental music to talk in Chinese by lady announcer between jingles. Five short and one long time pips at 1200 UTC (Tony Ashar)

5050, 1203-1220, Voice of Guangxi/Beibu Bay Radio. Lady's talk in Vietnamese, followed by male announcer in Chinese. Station ID to male's talk that mentioned; Chungkuo, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Internet, Chinese song by female, followed by another song beginning with whistling. (Tony Ashar)

9520, PBS Nei Menggu, Hohhot, 1017-1020. Talk in Chinese by a man. Weak signal with some fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

6600 Voice of the People, Kyonggi-do, 0910-1001. Just a hint of audio beneath the jammer at 0910. Improving by 0958, when a man talking in Korean was heard. Music at 1000 with announcements by a man. Talk by a woman at 1001. Poor signal, losing to the jammer most of the time. Parallel heard on 6518 with just a few words making it through. (Jim Evans, TN)

5985, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, 1418-1430*, May 4 (Friday). Normally would be in English on Friday, but not so today. Program all in Japanese, 1425 the usual announcement (in Japanese) about “this is a message from the Japanese government”
and mentioning 9000 kHz., which is a veiled reference to Nippon no Kaze and Furusato no Kaze. No jamming, fair signal in LSB. Scheduled *1330 to 1430* (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

9760, Cyprus Broadcasting Corp, *2217-2247.* Sign on with Greek music and Greek opening announcements. Short breaks of Greek music. Radio-drama. Sign off with Greek music.Very good signal. Weaker on // 5925, 7220. Scheduled for Fri, Sat, Sun only, but very irregular. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

Diego Garcia
12759USB, AFRTS, Diego Garcia, Chagos, 0943-0950. Pop music. Talk in English by man at 0948. Very weak signal, too weak to understand spoken content, by definitely AFN programming. (Jim Evans, TN)

6270.00 Radio Cairo, 0215-0230. Two lady announcers' conversation during signal that had some distortion. Typical music presented at 0222. (CHuck Bolland, FL)

Equatorial Guinea
5005, Radio Nacional-Bata, *0458-0540. Sign on with Spanish ballads and Spanish talk. Wide variety of Spanish pop music. Local Afro-pop and hi-life music. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

7200, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea - Program 1,*0256-0320, sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0301. Horn of Africa music. Poor. Mixing with co-channel Sudan along with amateur radio interference. Eritrea sure does insist on trying to use frequencies that are dominated by strong transmitters such as Sudan on 7200 and Ethiopia on 9705. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

9705.03, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea - Program 2, *0256-0313. Sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0300. Horn of Africa music. Weak modulation but in the clear until 0313 when Radio Ethiopia abruptly came on the air and completely covered Eritrea. A late sign on for Ethiopia. Eritrea heard on // 7175 - poor in noise, // 7120.02 - very weak modulation. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

9910, KTWR, Agana, 1158-1201. Religious music followed by announcements in English by man, translated into Chinese by woman. Then presented a Chinese to English lesson that featured common phrases regarding coffee. Moderate signal strength. KTWR also noted in Chinese on 9975 after 1200 with different programming. (Jim Evans, TN)

4055, Radio Verdad, 0428. Spanish. Religious hymn, preacher; at 0508 English with preacher. Poor. (Sellers-BC)

9704.97, All India Radio, 2300-2315. Audible after Niger signed off at 2300. English news. ID. Commentary. Local music. Very weak signal on // 9950. Fair on // 13605. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

9680.038, RRI Jakarta, 1020-1035. Steady Indo sytle music at tune-in. Between the individual tunes, a female comments and converses with listeners via telephone. The
remained good during the period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6973, Galei Zahal, 0020-0030. Hebrew talk. Signal weak but readable. Fair on // 15850(Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

11600, Radio Télévision Libye - Radio Libye, 1732-1805.* Lite instrumental music. French ballads. ID. French talk. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. Weak modulation at times. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)
7245, Radio Mauritaine via Noukchott 0723-0734. Arabic service with string music bit into male announcer. Another music bit at 0729, followed by announcer thru tune-our. Signal fair. (Scott Barbour, NH)

9575, Radio Medi Un, 0449. French with announcer and pop music. At 0500 woman briefly in French and the into news in Arabic. Fair signal. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

9704.99, LV du Sahel, 2215-2300.* Local music. Indigenous vocals. French talk. Local chants at 2255. Short flute interval signal and choral national anthem at 2258Four second test tone at 2300 and off. Signal fair to good. (Brian Alexander, PA?Cumbre DX)

4746.91, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 1003-1015. Noted announcer's steady Spanish comments. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4774.923, Radio Tarma, 0146-0200. At tune in noted just music while the signal was a threshold level.At 0150 between songs, a few Spanish comments from announcer, as hen music continues. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4826.435, Radio Sicuani, 1008-1015. Noted with a very, very weak signal here and
an occasional word or two making it through. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5930, Radio Rossii Petro-K, 0754-0802. Russian from male/female announcer with talk and noted over music at 0758. Signal pips 4+1 pips to lady announcer at 0800. News ith with sound bites. Signal weak and poor in ECCS-LSB with usual 5935-MGS splatter, though beginning to improve by tune-out. (Scott Barbour, NH)

6075, Voice of Russia, Vladivostok-Tavrich, 1002-1005. Talk in Chinese by woman. Weak but relatively steady signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

15170, Voice of Russia, Chita-Atamanovka, 0951-0956. Talk in English by woman. Classical orchestral music at 0953 with occasional comments by woman. Very weak signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

South Africa
7230, Channel Africa, 0502. English with man and woman reading on news from Africa. Good signal. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

Sri Lanka
15490, AWR Trincomalee *1200-1216. Chinese service. Interval signal and the usual AWR Voice of Hope ID. Noted same in Chinese and another English identification with web's URL and mention of, "..following program is in Mandarin." Lady announcer between music bits until ballad at 1202. Announcer from 1206 with talk thru tune-out. Signal fair at sign-on and fading by tune-out. (Scott Barbour, NH)

4775, Trans World Radio, 0433. English with preacher talking about marriage and divorce. Although sked for German, it appears they do have some English this hour. Poor with CODAR interference. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

9545 WYFR/Family Radio relay via Taipei, 0932-0936. Religious talk in Chinese by man. Weak but steady signal. (Jim Evans, TN)