Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transportradio begins new program


6095, Transportradio, via Wertachtal, Germany. After Radio Netherlands ended its Dutch Service after 65 years on Sat. May 11, it did leave a gap, especially to truck drivers everywhere in Europe. On Monday May 13 an organization called Transportradio therefore started a daily programme in Dutch called "Onderweg" ("En route"). Reception is very good. Their website is www.transportradio.nl and they are also audible on the internet around the clock. I just received a QSL-card, form letter and stickers from Transportradio in a R Netherlands envelope. They confirm my assumption that the transmitter location is Wertachtal with 500 kW. They are on the air on 6095 Mo-Fr at 0800-1000, but Sa and Su KBC uses the frequency in English at 0900-1600. (Van Delft, May 19). Heard on Th May 24 at 0840-1000* in Dutch with a lively program of pop songs and talks e.g. about football. Closing ID:”.Transportradio ... all over Europe.. ”, SINPO 55555. (Petersen)

(DX Window 455)