Saturday, December 29, 2018

FRS Holiday programming on 30 December

On Sunday December 30th, FRS-Holland will traditionally ring out the Old Year with its Seasonal Broadcast on 7700//5800 kHz. Programs will run from 08:52- 14:05 UTC/ 09:52- 15:05 CET.

In addition all programs will be repeated following close down of the first run: 14:05- 19:10 UTC/ 15:05- 20:10 CET. Particularly during the final hours of the second run, conditions will be
changing and as a result, signals will likely skip large areas. For that reason the final three hours- starting just after 16:00 UC/ 17:00 CET- will go out on an extra 3rd frequency: 3975 kHz.

The complete FRS team will join the party including Dave Scott, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Bert van Leer & Peter Verbruggen. Traditionally it will be a mix of carefully selected rock/pop music
and a number of (radio related) program items as well as mail from November 18th and seasonal greetings. We also look back in the comprehensive FRS archives: a flashback to a December broadcast
many years ago. And a new edition of FRS goes DX will be aired  including news from the world of (free) Radio. Just listen for yourself!!

Important: it can happen that we are forced to change frequency during the broadcast. In such case FRS will publish it on the website. So...if there's latest will find it at  at Latest News.

May we take this opportunity to thank you, the listener for your support over 2018 hoping we may count on you in 2019, being our 39th year as a Free Radio station on short wave. We would like to
express the wish that  2019 will become a peaceful, successful and healthy year ! 

Have a great Season Holiday, 
73s from Peter, Jan, Brian, Dave, Roger & Bert