Sunday, December 30, 2018

Monitoring for Radio Bila Hora broadcast on New Year's Eve

Hobbyist are speculating if the Euro pirate, Radio Bila Hora will recommence their annual New Year's Eve broadcast for 2018. If the station follows suit as in past years, they should broadcast on 3381.260 kHz. The station has also broadcast on 3334.82 kHz.

Last year's broadcast was logged from 1500 - 2330 UTC, and heard from remote SDR units in Germany, Hungary, Norway, and Sweden. The station's power at one time, was reported as 150 watts, and the transmitter was constructed by one of the radio operators. The exact location is unknown, but was mentioned as "outside the territory of the Czech Republic." The 2017 broadcast included two anthems played at 2300, speech segments, pop and local Czech music.

The 2017 broadcast also included a pre-recorded program presented by the former Czechoslovak pop singer, Richard Adams who was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Mr. Adams died in 2017 at age 86. He prepared the program for Radio Bila Hora several years ago, and the station presented it in his memory.

The station's English ID as, "Radio White Mountain," is a reference to the historical significance of the Battle of White Mountain, the most famous battle in Czech history.

The email address to send reception reports was

For a sample of previous programming, refer to You Tube videos at: