Monday, December 24, 2018

Special Christmas programming from VORW Radio International

Hello shortwave listeners! I never like doing any self-promotion but nobody would know about this otherwise.

Coming up this Tuesday the 25th of December (Christmas) I will have a special onw hour program broadcast to North America on 9350 kHz via WWCR (100 kW) at the time of 2100 UTC, 3 PM Central or 4 PM Eastern.

The show will feature some lively talk and mixed music - some Christmas tunes and some alternative/indie/classic rock music as well. I just hope for it to be a fun show on Christmas afternoon for whoever listens.

Spread the word to any DX groups that might be interested. Feedback is most welcome at and I've even designed a special QSL just for this program.

Hope you can listen in,

John J. (VORW Radio Int.)