Monday, February 22, 2021

Blog Logs-DXing Central and South America on mediumwave

Language services as indicated
Monitored February 17-19,2021

All times UTC

Antigua & Barbuda
Caribbean Radio Lighthouse 1160 kHz, 2235-2245. English religious sermon to easy-listening pop gospel tunes. Good signal at SIO 444. (Key West FL SDR) I initially logged this station two months ago, though I’ve received no response from my e-report. Might be time for a follow-up e-report.

Dominican Republic (Dominican Rep SDR/AirSpy NC)
Emisora HIJB 830 kHz, 2305-2311. Two Spanish pop vocals by Paloma San Basilio, Nadie Tú, and Demaiador Amor. Male announcer’s clear Spanish identification into brief pop vocal, signal off promptly at 2311. (without sign-off routine) (SIO 434).        

Radio Guarachita 690 kHz, 2312-2320. Spanish pop tune Va Volvió by Ramon Torresto, followed by Ya Me Canse by El Chaval. Musical identification at 2318 to jingles and song, El Trago del Olvido by Marino Pérez. (SIO 443).

Radio Impactante 1440 kHz, 2320-2330. Religious sermon including many references to Rev. Jimmy Swaggart. This is a Pentecostal station. SIO 444.

Brazil (Pardinho, Brazil SDR) all Portuguese
Radio Cancão Nova 1370 kHz, 2330-2337. Station with references to Curitiba. Announcer’s Portuguese religious sermon with SIO 433 to 2339.

Radio Capital 1040 kHz, 2339-2345. Station via São Paulo with references to religious text and easy-listening vocals. SIO 343

Radio Cultura Brasil 1200 kHz, 2342-2350. Another station from São Paulo with easy-listening vocals into contemporary classical tune. The classical tune, Louanze å l’ eternité de Jésus by Eric Hofbauer. Station format is predominately cultural and classic.

Radio Morado do Sol 1260 kHz, 2351-0002. Closing minutes of religious sermon at tune-in over gospel music. Program promos at 2355 to full station identification at 0000. Frequency quote and station location, including additional info on station and jingles. This station is also a Pentecostal format.

Colombia (TWR Bonaire SDR/AirSpy NC)
Antena 2/Bogotá 650 kHz, 0025-0030. Rapid-fire Spanish with soccer commentary from tune-in, playing the match with Independent Medellin. (this team plays in the Categoría Primera A). Colombia’s Antena 2/Cali heard in parallel on 1030 kHz. (SIO 434).

Radio Nacional de Colombia/Bogota, 570 kHz, 0035-0040. Tune-in with the song La Tierra by Ekhymosis. Announcer’s Spanish headlines on Colombia. “Good evening” to listeners, to public service announcements, including items on COVID.

Radio Nacional de Colombia/Medellin 550 kHz, 0035-0040. Tune-in song, Tuno Le Amas Le Temes by Luis Enrique. Regional news-talk item and phone-numbers. Friendly chats with phone-in calls. RCN/Cali heard on 980 kHz, 0045-0050. Phone-calls, friendly chat, and items about Bogotá.
(Gayle Van Horn W4GVH/NC)