Friday, February 12, 2021

Blog Logs

Language services as indicated // parallel frequencies observed

 Monitoring from 21 January - 10 February 2021

 All times UTC

Voice of Guangxi/Beibu Bay Radio. Noted on 5050 // 9820 from 1458 tune-in. Chinese pop music, time tips at 1500, and "Beibu Bay" ID. Brief piano melody into presumed newscast during mentions of "Washington." Intro's, PSA routines plus additional English ID. Mixed with Chinese and English text about "Family Reunion Dinner on the Lunar New Year's Eve." Chinese and English pop vocals. Routine of music, PSA, and slogans continued. Station did not sign-off at 1520 as noted on the schedule, and extended their broadcast past 1600. Good signal at a solid 434 SIO using a CHN SDR. Some of their pop tune titles included Lion, As Time Goes By, and Yei Chua Bao Gio Le Sai. These may be extended hours for the Chinese New Year.

New station initially testing on 15160 kHz. Monitored from 1605 to male announcer's script, talk, and speeches, all in presumed Amharic to intermittent Horn of Africa music. Speech segments match the speech recording at This appears to be an Ethiopian station or organization. Previous loggings noted at 1605, and possible ID as, "Radio Tigray Media House" and "Dimtse Tigray". This station is relayed via Issoudun, France. (NLD SDR/Airspy Brasstown, NC) Their website at in Amharic notes the following: "Tigray Media House is a media organization operating under the auspices of 501C to inform, discuss, mobilize and question the public. It is a platform that provides high-quality, high-impact, and highly influential media content through a variety of channels, such as satellite television, digital media, and social media." Virginia contact address: 5405 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 Email: Additional information from WRTH Feb Updates as "future plans for broadcast in Amharic, English, and Tigrinya."

Radio Eli 1035 kHz from 1610 tune-in. Russian conversations and prayers. Religious vocals from 1615-1618. Phone number quote followed by listener's call-ins and male/female announcer's conversations. Excellent SIO 444 via Kuopio, Finland SDR.

Radio Algerienne relay on 6040 via Issoudun (500 kW)  from 2235. Male announcer's Arabic readings to 2245 Arabic vocals, followed by additional talk and text. This station, as a rule, is mainly Quran but also relays Chaine 1/3. Arabic chorus from 2257-2300 sign-off, without ID or info. (Elche, Spain SDR).

IRIB/Pars Today, 7310 kHz via Zahedan (SIO 333) // 9800 (Sirjan) (SIO 434) with Arabic radio drama in progress at 1550 tune-extending past 1600 with interruption. Arabic world headlines noted on 7300 kHz at 1600 instead of listed English service to 1620. Turkish service 1600-1700 on 9870 kHz via Sirjan. Urdu service 1600-1620 on 6000 with announcer's news script format to 1607. (Qatar SDR).

AFN Tokyo 810 kHz, (50 kW) from 1440 tune-in. PSA's on mental health issues and COVID. "The Eagle AFN" identification. Pop vocals tune Wake up Sunshine by All Time Low, Blackbear; Clarity by Zedd; Fallin' (Adrenaline) by Why Don't We from Slow Down release, followed by rap vocal tune Airplanes by Hayley Williams. 

Ichihara Slot Machine 1455-1510 with QPSK confirmed on 4154, 4233, 4292 (SIO 222) 6251 (under the jammer on frequency), 6418. No sign of 6146, 6446, 8589. Also noted // on 8314, and 8705 kHz.

NHK 2 Akita (500 kW) 774 kHz from 1512 tune-in. Japanese/English language lesson. Noted parallel programming on NHK 2 Kumamoto with IDs, web URL and contact info at 1518; Japan, NHK 2 Osaka 828 kHz and Japan, NHK 2 Sapporo 747 kHz; Japan, 

NHK 2 Tokyo 693 kHz; Japan's Radio Nippon from 1530 on 1422 kHz. Station promo, contact info, and English "Radio Nippon" identification. Listed as 50 kW Yokohama-24 hours. Male/female's friendly Japanese banter with SIO 444.

RTK Radio Kosovo 1, 549 kHz (Prishtine, Kosovo) from 1620 tune-in. Pop vocals programs with Albanian DJ's format and a brief mention of Prishtine. News headlines between fanfare effects. (Martinicuro, Italy SDR).

RTM Sarawak FM 9835. Malay DJ format from 1320 with pop vocals, phone-in calls, jingles with phone numbers, and PSA formats. Good signal SIO 434. Reading evening announcement to station slogan promo at 1326, into pop vocal At My Worst by Pink Sweet. Station ID info 1329 and tune Mimpi by K-Clique. Recheck 1401 with ongoing Malay news format. 

Malaysia's RTM Wai/Limbang relay, with two male's ethnic recitations from 1335 tune-in to 1352. Malay pop vocals to 1356. A bit of chat to a new Malay tune. Time tips 1400 into fanfare and Malay newscast, running parallel with RTM Sarawak on 9835. (SIO 434) to (Philippines SDR).

Radio Moldova Actualitati 873 kHz (SIO 444) Russian. Two males conversation about Czech's during the holocaust to 2026. Intermittent fading and interference from 2028 of Arabic recitations on this frequency. No sign of // 1424. (Ukraine SDR)

Radio Romania Actualitati in Romanian from 1800 tune-in. Newscast from male/female duo on 756 // 855, 1152, 1179 and 1458 kHz (poor signal). Several ID's between headlines. 

Longwave station, Radio Antena Satelor on 153 kHz, heard from 1810. The usual flare of Romanian service covering news, ID's and ethnic folk music, with very good signal. Noted Romania's Radio Timisoara 630 kHz (400 kHz) via Ortisoara) playing 1950s doo-wop tunes at 1830.

Radio Taiwan International. Chinese service noted from 1420-1435 on 6075 (SIO 444) // 6145 (SIO 444), 6180 (SIO 443), 9660 (SIO 323). Music to announcer's ID and contact info at 1430. PSA style segments with fanfare intros, and likely features. Presumed RTI from 1435 in Chinese on 1098 // 1557 kHz. Classical instrumentals. Both freqs a solid SIO 434. Indonesian service on 9735 kHz, 1400-1500 (SIO 323) Vietnamese service heard 1410-425 on 9625 (SIO 322) Taiwan SDR)

Radioi Tojikiston. Tentative as this station on 4765 kHz from 2310. Good signal (SIO 444) during male announcer's script via Novosibirsk, Russia SDR. Flute melody intro's males folk-sounding vocals in presumed Tajik. The announcer seemed to be in a friendly, festive mood and if this station, it may have been due to the mosques in Dushanbe reopening after no new cases of Covid have been reported. Mosques were under a six-month closure. Programming has an 'Arabesque' style of music. 

USAGM-Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 9940 kHz Udon Thani, Thailand relay (100 kW). Uzbek service from 1605 tune-in. USA news headlines, commentary between fanfare segments // 9490 via Biblis, Germany relay (100 kW). SIO 444 // 433. (Hong Kong SDR) This hour's schedule to 1700. Via Viesntos, Lithuania in Belorussian, 1386 kHz (75 kW) commences 1800-1900. IDs and U.S. national news to fanfare intros and features. (SIO 444) Belarus SDR. Additional schedule: 2000-2100 on 1386 kHz.

USAGM-Radio Farda, 7580 kHz Udon Thani, Thailand relay (250 kW) Persian noted from 1830-1845 and // 5860 (Kuwait-250 kW) Two frequencies sked to 2130.

USAGM-Voice of America, 6150 kHz Udon Thani, Thailand (250 kW). Burmese service with intermittent news segments in English // 9335, 9380 kHz via Tinang, Philippines (SIO 323).

Northern Marianas-Tinang Island 
USAGM-Radio Free Asia, 11590 kHz. 1800-1900 with Firedrake jammers // 9860 at SIO 555 via listed Tinang Island, Philippines relay. Followed over to 5890, 7520, 9455, and 9860 from 1900. A real mess!

Saudi Arabia 
SBA Radio Jeddah 612 // 630 kHz at 2215-2235 with Qur'an in progress. Station on 24-hour schedule. SBA Radio Riyadh on 585 with the 24-hour schedule. Good signal, including features and mention of Riyadh at 2230. (Qatar SDR)

Tunisia, RTCI/R Tunis Chaine Intl 963 kHz. French service from 2210 tune-in. Good signal at 333, no fading for this 24-hour service in French. (Zakynthos, GRC SDR)

Voice of Turkey, 5970 (SIO 444)// 9625 (SIO 232) French service with excellent Turkish vocals from 2115 tune-in to brief Turkish instrumental to 2123. German service 5945 kHz 1830-1900 with newscast script from 1835 tune-in. Station information, contact address, and web address to easy-listening Turkish vocal tunes. Lady's German ID at 1852.   

United States
USAGM-Radio Marti, 7375 // 7435 Spanish. Excellent signal via Greenville, NC (250 kW) from 2315-2345. Male/female present evening national newscast covering U.S. and Venezuela. Schedule from 0000 on 7435 //7365 kHz. (Key West FL SDR) DRM noted on 7345 kHz 1800-1900 (NC Airspy)

Voice of Vietnam 4/Buon Ma Thuot 6020 at 1415 tune-in. Jammer present on this frequency, lady’s ethnic music vocals (acapella) // with Voice of Vietnam 4/Buon Ma Thuot on 7210 kHz. Asian flute music followed to announcer’s brief comment. Very weak, and at times barely audible. (PHL SDR)
(Gayle Van Horn-Teak Publishing)