Saturday, February 13, 2021

Italian Broadcasting Corporation, returns to shortwave with new programming


The February 2021 issues of DX Fanzine, and NASWA, have announced the return of IBC radio to the airwaves. Your listening and corresponding is welcome.


The voices of IBC (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) are back on shortwave radio frequencies, 3975 and 6160 kHz. Effective February 15, a new program, broadcasting in Italian as Scorribande, and hosted by the three voices of IBC; Saverio, Manlio, and Gabriele.

Programming will focus on DX news of interest for shortwave listeners and amateur radio operators.

Reception reports are welcome and verified by e-QSLs to

Programming will be relayed from Germany's Shortwaveradio, on the following schedule:

All times UTC

1500-1600  Sat  3975
1900-2000  Sat  3975
2100-2200  Sat  3975

0900-1000  Sun  3975, 6160
1300-1400  Sun  3975, 6160
1500-1600  Sun  3975
1700-1800  Sun  3975
1900-2000  Sun  3975

1500-1600  Mon  3975
2100-2200  Mon 3975
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