Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Vatican Radio turns 90: Carrying the Pope’s voice to the whole world


Special thanks to Alokesh Gupta, for this original post on Twitter.

The Holy See’s radio station, commissioned by Pope Pius XI and designed and built by Guglielmo Marconi, turns 90 years old, and now speaks in 41 languages. The Director of Vatican Radio says this anniversary is being celebrated by inaugurating a new internet page and adding a web radio station.

By Massimiliano Menichetti

Almost 12,000 hours of broadcasts in a single year, including radio commentaries, as well as news, liturgical and musical programs. 

This is the identity of Vatican Radio, the radio station of the Holy See, established by Pope Pius XI, who entrusted it to the Society of Jesus, and which was built by Guglielmo Marconi ninety years ago. Today we broadcast in 41 languages and every day we bring the words of the Gospel and the voice of the Pope to the whole world.

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