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Radio Angela schedule, December 1-31


Radio Angela (WBCQ 5130 kHz) Schedule December 1-31, 2022.   

Dates/Times are in USA EST followed by world UTC.  
The spoken portions of programs are in English unless otherwise indicated. 
Airtime is available for purchase by cultural programs (for example music, literary, radio theater, other entertainment) on 5130 kHz from 9pm-10pm EST (currently 0200-0300 UTC) and from 12am-1am EST (currently 0500-0600 UTC). Rates are $50/hour, $35/half hour.  For more details, write to . Airtime is also available for every other kind of program on 7490 kHz at the same rates – for that frequency, write to

Classical Night

10pm-11:55pm EST (Mondays 0300-0455 UTC): 
WBCQ Concert Hall (2-hr program) 
Hosts: Bill Tilford, Sirjack Scratchy, Lainie Petersen and guests (US) 
Format: Long-form operatic and symphonic works presented in their entirety with additional short musical works and poetry recitals.  Serious music in a program that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

11:55pm-12:00am EST (Mondays 0455-0500 UTC):
Venerable Verses with Lainie Petersen  
Hosts: Lainie Petersen (US)
Format: Lainie Petersen, an arts and public affairs producer and commentator for Hard Lens Media and World Perspectives Radio who also does Orwellian Airwaves for Radio Angela, reads long-form verse serially each week.  This new program begins with a serial reading over several episodes of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Vintage Music Night

10pm-11pm EST (Tuesdays 0300-0400 UTC): 
Marion’s Attic
Host(s):  Marion Webster and Kristina (US) 
Format:  Party like it’s 1899!  Late 19th and early 20th Century recordings played on the original antique equipment.  Marion’s Attic, a listener’s favorite, is one of WBCQ’s original shows, on the air since 1999. 

11pm-12am EST (Tuesdays 0400-0500 UTC):  

Week 1:  
Bluegrass State of Mind  (WBCQ Archival Show)
Host:   Danny Haller (US) 
Format: Bluegrass.   These episodes from the archives originally aired on WBCQ prior to 2010.  Danny, an excellent banjo player himself, left us a series of shows that are still among the best bluegrass programs you’ll hear today. 

Mondays (con't) 
Weeks 2 and 4 (and 5 when needed):  
The Roots of The Country (bluegrass hour)
Host: Stu Fleischhaker (Canada)
Format: Bluegrass.   Stu hosts excellent country and bluegrass programs for WBCQ’s KIXX FM, and his bluegrass selections, featured here, include a lot of new releases.    

Week 3:  
WBCQ Polka Party to 11:00pm-11:55pm EST (Tuesday 0400- 0455 UTC)
Hosts:  Marion & Kristina alternating months with Uncle Bill Tilford (US)
Format: Polkas, waltzes. obereks etc.  Marion and Uncle Bill both have vast polka collections spanning a century of bands from everywhere, and Uncle Bill even played in some local polka bands in his youth (he still owns six accordions).  They will be alternating months, sometimes with special guests. December’s episode is Marion & Kristina’s. Emails: for episodes with Marion and Kristina for episodes with Uncle Bill

Week 3:  11:55pm-12:00am EST (Tuesdays 0455-0500 UTC):  
El gringo viejo con mucha cuerda (language: Spanish) 
Host:  Scott Hadley  (Mexico)
Format: Scott presents a custom-tailored version of his popular short on radio station XHBUAP in Mexico in which he presents early recordings made in Latin America.  

12am-12:10am EST (Tuesdays 0400-0410):  
Radio Angela After Midnight (EarthDate &/or Science & The Sea + comedy bits)

Jazz Age Night

10pm-11pm EST (Wednesdays 0300-0400 UTC): 
Behavior Night
Hosts: Sirjack Scratchy and John L.  (US)
Format:  Early 20th Century US jazz and swing.  Sirjack Scratchy and John L.  play a combination of early US Jazz Age recordings plus newer recordings that are true to that style. 

11pm-12am EST (Wednesdays 0400-0500 UTC):

Jetzt Geht’s Los! (We’re Off!)  (language: German/English) 
Host:  Anonymous (Germany) 
Format:  Made in Germany, this program, which is part of the Radio Ohne Nahmen (Radio Without Names) family,  features German jazz and and swing from the 1920s and 1930s.
12am 12:10am EST (Wednesdays 0500-0510 UTC):  
Radio Angela After Midnight (EarthDate &/or Science & The Sea + comedy bits)

10pm-11pm EST (Thursdays 0300-0400 UTC):

Weeks 1 and 3:  Scorched Earth Music Show
Host:  John McMullan (US) 
Format:  Brand new recordings, multiple genres.  John, a veteran of the power pop band The Trend, also does the popular Alt Universe Top 40 on shortwave.   SEMS features new releases in various genres of music for us. 

Week 2:   Tom Call Theater
Hosts:  Tom Call and ensemble players (US) 
Format:  This innovative ensemble in New England writes, scripts and performs its own radio plays, usually with a special twist. 

Week 4: Radio New Music
Host:  Randy Lee Holt (US)
Format:  Randy, a working musician for many decades, presents new original material by independent artists.   Randy is also a ham operator, and his show appeals to them as well as music fans. The show has a listeners’ club and contests. 

NEW:  Week 5 (when needed):  African Music Panorama 
Host: Bill Tilford (US)
Format:  Music from various countries in Africa
*December does not have a fifth Wednesday
11pm-12am EDT (Thursdays 0400-0500 UTC): 

International Night, rotating programs every week

Week 1:  Canadian Content Radio
Host:  Sean Welsh (Canada)
Format:  Sean, a working musician for many years, presents Canadian bands in multiple genres and other music with a Canadian connection

Week 2:  Far Out East
Host: David Pakula (United States/Russia)
Format:  David, an accomplished bassist and guitarist who lives in both the United States and Russia, presents, as the title implies, “far out” music from around the eastern hemisphere.  A destination program if you are thirsting for musical adventure. 

Week 3:  Radio Maria Bonita (language: Spanish)
Host: Luis Alejandro Vallebueno (Mexico)
Format:  Luis, a historian associated with Mexico’s shortwave station, Radio Educación, presents a different aspect of music from Mexico each month.  

Week 4:  FinnFolk
Host:  Sauli Heikkilä (Finland)
Format:  Musician, recording artist, folklorist and author Sauli Heikkilä presents the rich, varied and often fascinating music of Finland with commentary in English.  
Email:   Emails sent to will be forwarded to Sauli. 

Week 5 (as needed):  African Music Panorama
December does not have a  week 5. 

12am-12:10am EDT (Thursdays 0500-0510 UTC):  
Radio Angela After Midnight (EarthDate &/or Science & The Sea + comedy bits)


10pm-10:30pm EST (Fridays 0300-0330 UTC): 

10:00pm-10:30pm EST: The Heart of Fiction
Host:  David Pakula (US/Russia)
Format: David, who also does Far Out East on Radio Angela, reads from his favorite fiction selections beginning with Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 
10:30pm-10:55pm EST (Fridays 0330-0355pm): 
Plain Old Doug Show
Host:  Doug Feldmann (US)
Format:  Doug is a long-time loyal WBCQ listener who began to try his hand at making shows for us. Often featuring early string band music but sometimes heads off into completely different directions.  

10:55pm-11:00 pm EST (Fridays 0355-0400 UTC) 
Line Break
Host: T.D. Walker (US)
Format:  Poetry.  T.D. Walker is the author of poetry collections and science fiction stories as well as a shortwave radio enthusiast.  Includes selections from several other poets. 

11pm-12am EST (Fridays 0400-0500 UTC):  

Week 1:  Scorched Earth Music Show repeats (see Wednesdays)

Week 2:  Enciclopedia musical de las Americas (Language: Spanish)
Host:  Luís Alejandro Vallebueno (Mexico)
Format:  Luís, a historian associated with Mexico’s shortwave station Radio Educación, presents music from a different Latin American country each month.  He also presents Radio Maria Bonita, a cornucopia of the music of Mexico, on Radio Angela. 

Week 3:
From 11pm-12:00 EST (Fridays 0400-0430 UTC):  Hobby Broadcasting Radio
Host:  Andrew Yoder (US)
Format:  Andrew Yoder, an authority on the history of hobby (aka pirate) radio, presents material from the history of the medium with guests.   

Week 4:  A Way With Words (to 11:50 EST, Fridays to  0450 UTC) 
Hosts: Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett (US) 
Format:  This fun, widely distributed program of the origins of English-language words and phrases is one of the few programs carried by the producers’ request (Grant is a shortwave listener himself) on Radio Angela that also appears on public radio stations.  

11:50pm-Midnight EST (0450-0500 UTC):  Dangdut and Beyond 
Format:  Music from Indonesia and Malaysia curated by Zach Liangas

Week 5 as needed:  WBCQ’s Comedy Ration
Host: Doug Feldmann 
Format:  Miscellaneous comedy content
Contact email:

There will be a WBCQ Comedy Ration in December.  

12am - 12:10am EST (Fri):  Radio Angela After Midnight (EarthDate &/or Science & The Sea + comedy bits)

10:00pm-10:30pm EST (Saturdays 0300-0330 UTC):  Orwellian Airwaves with Lainie Petersen
Host:  Lainie Petersen (US)
Format:  Lainie Petersen, an arts and public affairs producer and commentator for Hard Lens Media and World Perspectives Radio, gives riveting readings from George Orwell’s works (beginning with 1984).  You haven’t fully experienced 1984 until you have heard it read aloud. 

10:30pm-11:00pm EST (Saturdays 0330-0400 UTC): 
Greek Music Refuge
Hosts: Bill Tilford (US) and Zacharias Liangas (Greece) 
Format:  Greek music.  Since the Voice of Greece left broadcast shortwave for satellite and internet, Greek Music Refuge is the last remaining regular program of Greek music on the shortwave bands. 

11pm-12am EST (Saturdays 0400-0500 UTC)
From the Isle of Music (mixed Spanish/English)
Host:  Bill Tilford (US)
Format:  Bill fell in love with Cuban music via shortwave radio in the 1960s, and the affair grew so deep over the years that today he is a respected reviewer of the music in many countries including Cuba and even writes liner notes for some award-winning recording artists there as well as  pieces  for publications such as  the website  This program frequently includes his interviews (usually en español)  with musicians (over 150 of them to date) as they present the latest recordings of all genres from the island.  
Facebook page for weekly program promos:

Weeks  1, 2 AND 3: 9pm-10am EST (Sundays 0200-0300 UTC)
The Pirate’s Cove
Host: Allan Weiner (US)
Format:  An archival program from the early days of WBCQ, host and WBCQ founder/owner Allan Weiner covers the history of hobby (pirate) radio. 

Week 4:  9:00pm-10pm EST (Sundays 0200-0300 UTC)
Austin Saturday Night
Producer: Terry Colgan (US) 
Format:  This monthly program features music performed in Austin’s clubs and concert venues, usually by artists in Austin or elsewhere in Texas.  Produced by Terry Colgan, who also does the hugely popular Texas Radio Shortwave on several stations including WBCQ’s 6160 kHz. 

Week 5 as needed:  9:00pm-10pm EST (Sundays 0200-0300 UTC)
Curator’s choice.  This month, some Greek pirate radio broadcasts recorded by Zacharias Liangas. 

All weeks:
10pm-11pm EDT (Sundays 0300-0400 UTC):  Ginga Brasil!  (pronounced “zheengah”)
Host: Julio Cesar Pereira (Brazil)
Format:  Music from Brazil.  Julio, an announcer on FM stations in Brazil for many years, has already been hailed by DX groups there for having the best, most authoritative program of Brazil’s music on the airwaves.  His knowledgeable commentary in English is a bonus. 

11pm-12am EDT (Sundays 0400-0500 UTC): 
Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot
Host: Uncle Bill Tilford (US)
Format:  This critically acclaimed and popular show features world music and comedy from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between with a different country or theme every episode.   At various points over the years Bill played in many different types of ethnic bands and frequently features excellent music you weren’t necessarily expecting to hear from a country when you tuned in to listen, occasionally with special guests. 
Facebook page for weekly program promos:

NEW YEARS EVE, DECEMBER 31, 10PM EST-MIDNIGHT EST (Sunday, Jan 1 2023, 0300-0500 UTC)
Radio Angela’s First Annual New Years Eve Special
Hosts:  Several
Format: Several different programs from Radio Angela join together to present a New Years Eve radio spectacular!
(Tilford productions)