Thursday, December 29, 2022

Radio Angela Special Announcement

 Due to WBCQ's transmitter outage on 7490 kHz, for the next several nights, Radio Angela will be sharing 5130 kHz with several of the programs normally heard on 7490 kHz. Most nights, those programs will all air prior to our 10pm EST start, and our shows will be unaffected.

One notable exception is that Thursdays 0300-0400 EST (Wednesdays 10pm-11pm), the second hour of a talk show from 7490 kHz will displace the first hour of our Radio Angela broadcast. Tonight, therefore, Randy Holt's Radio New Music will air at 0400 UTC (11 PM EST tonight), an hour later than usual.
This is a temporary situation until the transmitter for 7490 kHz can be repaired. 7490 kHz carries a very different format than Radio Angela, and these will be separated again when circumstances permit.
(Bill Tilford, Radio Angela/28 Dec 2022)