Friday, December 30, 2022

What is heard on LW/MW in Russia?

From the new bulletin “RUS-DX” (1 January 2023).

They write that Mayak is broadcasting on 549 kHz today (December 27).

-Kaliningrad Radio Center #5 has prepared a second transmitter and a new frequency for on-air tests: 549 kHz. A few days earlier, short turns were made to test the operability of the restored antenna and the transmitting complex. Tests are carried out with reduced power, at the level of 50-70 kW. The antenna is involved – a mast with a height of 257 meters, previously used in the long wave band (171 kHz)
There are no airing schedules for 549 kHz. Test broadcasting can be carried out on weekdays during business hours (9-17 Moscow time)
Such a conditional schedule is also valid for a frequency of 1143 kHz.
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia (2022-12-30)