Friday, December 30, 2022

Special New Year's Eve programming on WBCQ


From Bill Tilford we have news of a special NYE Spectacular on R Angela (via WBCQ) which will be a two-hour program on 1st January from 0300-0500UT on 5130 kHz. This will replace the scheduled Ginga Brasil! and Uncle Bill's Melting Pot at this time. 

Over a dozen Radio Angela hosts and special guests are participating to bring you music, poetry, laughs, special greetings, and other surprises. Unlike past multiprogram WBCQ specials, this broadcast will be exclusive to 5130 kHz.

This sounds fun, and these two hours should complement the earlier two-hour TRSW broadcast
to provide a great four hours of enjoyable listening - accompanied by your favorite beverage!

The latest, and fully updated, schedule of Radio Angela can be found on the WBCQ website at
(A Roe/BDXC)