Friday, January 26, 2024

LATE BREAKING DX TIP !!!! KSKO to broadcast on shortwave for one hour today!!

ALASKA.  Paul Walker has advised that KSKO, (which broadcasts to the local community in McGrath, Alaska) will return on shortwave for an hour every Friday. 

It is scheduled from 2100-2200 UTC on 5900 kHz via Spaceline, Bulgaria, and the first broadcast will be today (26 January).  

This will be a relay of the midday to 1pm afternoon show on KSKO. There are not likely to be any QSLs for this transmission, but if you do listen, please let Paul know so that this relay will continue going forward.  

His email address is
Thank you, Paul, for arranging this broadcast.
(Alan Roe, Teddington, UK/BDXC)