Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog Logs - Brazil

All times UTC


9530 R. Transmundial 2255 music interrupted by ID by man followed by more music. SIO: 222 (Dec 15)
9565 R. Tupi 2151 - 2201 news in portuguese (A Voz du Brazil) followed by ID at 22.01. SIO 222 (Dec 15)

9615 R. Cultura 2056 - 2203. Old brazilian music followed by news from a
voz du Brazil. At 2100 another station began to use the QRG so signal
declined but still was audible. At 2203 man giving Email of R. Cultura and
full ID. Then music. SIO: 322 (Dec 17)

9630 R. Aparecida 2203 ID in portuguese followed by jingle. This evening
no trace of REE Madrid so signal was clear but weak (Dec 15)

9675 R. Cansao Nova at 1903 ID by female followed by religious program.
Good signal. This one is usually the strongest brazilian on 31 meters at
the time (Dec 17)

11785 R. Guaiba 2214-2217 ads in portuguese followed by full ID and time-
announcement. Then a program of sports. Nice signal on a clear QRG. Never
heard this so strong! SIO 333 (Dec 19).
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 21)
(Source: WWDXC Top News (BC-DX #787)
4895, R Novo Tempo, Campo Grande, MS, 0641-0810, Dec 17 and 25, religious talks and hymns, 24322. (Méndez)
4905, R Anhanguera, Araguaína, TO, 0225-0259*, Dec 18 and 19, Brazilian music, Portuguese ID: “Radio Anhanguera, a sua melhor música”, 35333. (D’Angelo/FCDX and Grimm)
4915, CBN Anhanguera, Goiania, Goias, 2328, Dec 23, P ID, music, 33333. (Van Arnhem)
4925.07, R Educacão Rural, Tefé, AM, 2155-0200*, Dec 18 and 19, Portuguese religious talk by male and female priests on shift, closing ann and ID, ex 4924.9, 34333 QRM AIR Chennai 4920 and Turkmen R 4930. (Van Arnhem and Petersen)
6135, R Aparecida, Aparecida, 2120-2132, Sa Dec 16, programme "Encontro DX", DX news and comments. 2131 ID: "A Radio Aparecida presentou Encontro DX". QRM REE 6135 with "Tablero Deportivo". 22222. (Méndez)
9515, R Novas de Paz, Curitiba, 2230-2234, Dec 24, Portuguese religious talk:"Nacimiento de Jesús".34333.(Méndez)
9615, R Cultura, São Paulo, 2237-2241, Dec 24, Brazilian songs, ann. 34333. (Méndez). Also heard 0838-0945, Dec 17 and 25, music, ann: "Revista Linguia Portuguesa", ID: "Radio Cultura", 34333. (Méndez)
11735, R Transmundial, Santa María, RS, 1024-1033, Dec 16-12, religious talk in Portuguese, ID: "Transmundial, comunicando para o mundo", hymns, 34333. (Méndez)
11780, R Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, DF, 1035-1045, Dec 16-12, ID: "Amazonia Brasileira". 34333. (Méndez)
11785, R Guaíba, Porto Alegre, RS, 2132-0003, Dec 16 and 24, Portuguese talks, ID: "Radio Guaiba", programme "Viaxando com a Guaiba", football comments about Porto Alegre vs Barcelona, 23322. Also heard at 1010-1030, Dec 17, transmission from a football match, 23322. (Méndez)
(DX Window No. 314 via Anker Petersen)