Sunday, December 17, 2006

HCJB-UK takes over London radio show for Christmas

Whistling Frog Productions, the radio department of HCJB-UK, is producing a two-hour Christmas special about angels as part of “The Psychic Show,” a live call-in program on London talk radio station LBC 97.3. Following discussions with LBC’s program controller, the broadcasters were asked to air “The Psychic Show” Christmas special which airs from 10 p.m. to midnight Friday, 22 December.
“This is a program that you’d expect Christians to steer well clear of,” said HCJB-UK Director Colin Lowther. “But we have been given a free hand to discuss and debate the existence of angels to an audience of 92,000 people right across London.”
The show will include readings from the Christmas story, an interview with Jane Williams (wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury who recently published a book about angels), interviews with people who claim to have had angelic experiences, a competition to give away books about angels, and live calls answered by Christians in the studio.
(Source: HCJB World Radio/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)